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E-on Software: The Leader in Digital Nature

At e-on software, Digital Nature is not just a catchy buzzword, it's our passion, as we strive to deliver the most comprehensive, powerful, fun-to-use 3D Natural Scenery solutions to our equally passionate and creative users and customers.

Since its inception in 1997, e-on has pioneered the concept of Digital Nature and enjoyed the widespread adoption of its solutions across a variety of industries and user communities.

Moving forward, our mission will continue to focus on expanding our leadership in Digital Nature by delivering exciting, cutting-edge capabilities and solutions to our existing markets and customers and to a growing audience of new markets and innovative opportunities.

Award Winning Products Recognized Worldwide

Acknowledged worldwide as the leading Digital Nature solution, Vue, our core product technology has received numerous computer graphics animation awards.

Adopted by Leading Companies and Studios

Vue is used extensively throughout the architecture, animation/special fx, and broadcast/advertising industries and has become an essential workflow component for many leading companies and studios.

Take a look at some of the most prestigious companies that rely on our products.

Featured in Blockbuster Movies

As filmmakers and studios strive to increase the scope and level of environmental realism, Vue has experienced significant growth and usage in many blockbuster movies and CG productions.

Read success stories in our Spotlight section.

Digital Nature: Art Imitating the Natural World

Digital Nature is fundamentally different than traditional computer graphics applications and presents unique challenges across several different dimensions:

Natural Diversity: You Can't Fool Mother Nature

The natural world around us represents a diverse collection of unique earthen and celestial elements such as terrains, vegetation, water, and clouds, as well as natural phenomena including wind and atmospheric godrays. No two natural elements are exactly alike or behave in precisely the same way.

Composing high-fidelity scenery which combines all of these unique elements in a convincing, believably diverse manner requires comprehensive, powerful natural scenery landscape tools and rich capabilities to model appearance and behavior.

E-on technologies such as its SolidGrowth™ vegetation system is based on random growth technologies that ensures that no two plants of the same species will ever look exactly alike, simulating the different color tones and wind effects found in nature for even greater variety and realism.

Infinite Complexity: Rendering Trillions of Polygons

A typical scene in the realm of Digital Nature, complete with expansive terrain vistas and sweeping forests, is measured in millions, billions, and even trillions of equivalent polygons which would bring most traditional computer graphics and virtual reality systems to their knees.

E-on has made numerous pioneering advances which deliver innovative, high-performance solutions that deal effortlessly with the enormous size and complexity of nature including:

  • EcoSystem™ technology for painting and rendering millions of wind-effected trees and plants
  • Infinitely detailed sculptable terrains
  • Spectral 3D atmospheres with stunning, volumetric cloudscapes
  • Outdoor radiosity engine technology optimized for Digital Nature scenery
  • Infinite spherical and planetary terrains

Compliant Natural Reality: An Open Scenario Environment

Compliant natural reality differs from traditional virtual reality given the fundamental requirement of operating in a fully unconstrained, expansive universe and to engage within this open universe using a language and constructs that are coherent with how nature works.

Natural scenery must allow navigation at any level, whether flying over the scene from outerspace or zooming in to the finest, granular rock structures. The integrity and fidelity of the scene needs to be preserved at all levels and must blend seamlessly with man-made structures, objects, humans, and animals.

In the world of Digital Nature, the parameters for adjusting scene details are driven using the language of nature. Elements such as altitude, slope, erosion, decay, and turbulence provide a more natural, understandable interface than traditional polygon-centric, geometric modeling systems.

Mathematical and Computer Science Foundation

The randomness and organic structure of the natural world requires a much greater portfolio of mathematical skills and unique approaches for solving the wonders of nature.

Our team of developers and scientists are deeply versed in areas such as fractal mathematics, atmospheric physics, and volumetrics, providing the domain expertise necessary to master the complex aspects of the natural world and deliver leading edge solutions.