VUE: Solutions for Your Digital Nature

Our award winning VUE product line consists of three product families each tailored to offer the best blend of capabilities and features for authoring Digital Nature scenery.

  • Solutions for CG Professionals: Offer CG professionals premiere solutions for creating exceptionally rich and realistic Digital Nature environments with seamless integration into any production workflow.

  • Products for 3D Artists: Provide 3D artists with powerful modular applications to create rich 3D Digital Nature scenery and landscapes.

  • Products for 3D Enthusiasts: Feature content-filled, easy-to-use scenic nature creation for home and family use.

Cornucopia3D, E-on's on-line web content community, provides rich, high-quality 3D content as well as forums, classroom tutorials and a gallery for users to share their knowledge, ideas and artwork. So whether you are creating art as hobby or constructing scenes for the next blockbuster movie, there's a VUE solution tailored to unleash your Digital Nature.

The VUE Difference

Our product philosophy encompasses seven fundamental principles which serve as the foundation for the VUE product line and its on-going development:

Unrivalled Natural Scenery Creation

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VUE provides an unparalleled ability to create rich, natural 3D scenery complete with diverse EcoSystems™ of wind-swept trees and plants, realistic Spectral atmospheres, stunning cloudscapes, detailed terrains and water, all of which are fully animatable.

Precise Artistic Control

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To maximize artistic flexibility and precision, rich usability features such as the Ecosystem painter and terrain sculptor are crafted into a highly interactive user experience. With VUE, you have complete, precise control over the placement, appearance, and behaviour of any natural scenery element.

Leading Edge Performance

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VUE enables you to create scenes of virtually limitless size, scope and complexity containing millions of trees, stormy oceans, imported characters and objects, and finely detailed landscapes. Whether rendering on a single workstation or across an entire render farm such as HyperVue™, VUE provides maximum flexibility with optimal performance.

Vivid Realism

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From faux-real to photo-real, VUE provides a platform where art truly imitates life. The availability of multiple lighting models, cutting-edge outdoor/indoor Radiosity, and high fidelity materials, combine to deliver crisp, finely-detailed images and animations with superb quality.

Immersive Interoperability

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VUE provides a highly interoperable environment to accommodate any production workflow. With our xStream Professional Solution, VUE is immersively embedded as a fully integrated plug-in for 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema4D and Softimage. Additionally, all VUE products include a wide array of fully agnostic import/export facilities.

Extensive Content

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The large Digital Nature content libraries packaged with VUE, along with the thousands of high quality items available on-line at Cornucopia3D, allows virtually any scene imaginable to be construction with a minimum of effort, and without time-consuming modelling.

Inviting User Experience

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The VUE user experience is designed from the "outside-in", meaning that the user interaction model is a primary design consideration when adding features and capabilities. For many users, VUE is their first entryway into the 3D world, and therefore, we strive to ensure that this experience is easy to learn, fun to use, and not overwhelming or complex.