September 15, 2019    

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Exciting news in this letter: Plant Factory Nursery, Helios Released, ESRI and E-on 3D Vegetation Technology Partnership, VUE in BBC Winter Olympics ad, Save 25% on the VUE Architectural Bundles, and more...

Cornucopia3D Opens the Plant Factory Nursery

Following the release of Plant Factory, our breakthrough plant creation technology, many artists have joined the Cornucopia3D Brokering program to share and sell their Plant Factory content.

Cornucopia3D is happy to introduce the Plant Factory Nursery! The Nursery provides direct access to all Plant Factory content, free or paid for; it is accessible from:

The Plant Factory Nursery currently includes over 100 plant species. Each plant specie will create numerous variations automatically, and plants are fully animated (wind and breeze) and include automatic age and health settings for the most part. The list of content is growing rapidly, so keep an eye on it! If you have specific requests, be sure to voice them on the Cornucopia3D store forums.

>> More information about the Plant Factory technology is available at:

>> Visit Cornucopia3D at:

QuadSpinner Releases Helios Plug-in for VUE

Our friends at QuadSpinner have released Helios, a cloud plugin for VUE.

It extends the capabilities of VUE's cloud system, provides a large library of realistic clouds, and adds helpful tools to VUE: SkyBuilder, Cloud Conversion, new render passes, and more.

We're happy to see VUE's extensibility used in such creative ways.

>> Visit to see Helios in action.

ESRI and E-on 3D Vegetation Technology Partnership

We are pleased to announce that we have reached a technology agreement with Esri to add 3D vegetation inside Esri products. Under the terms of the agreement, Esri incorporated a custom-developed Plant Factory library of plants and trees in its 3D products.

The Esri 3D Vegetation Library delivers high-performance, realistic plant models for use in Esri CityEngine, ArcGIS for Desktop, and 3D web scenes on ArcGIS Online. The Esri 3D Vegetation Library is also compatible with LumenRT Immersive Visualization solution, allowing seamless export of CityEngine scenes and plants directly into LumenRT.

To download the library, explore interactive WebGL scenes, or watch the stunning LumenRT videos, visit Esri 3D Vegetation Library and

>> Read the Press Release here.

VUE in BBC Winter Olympics' Nature

Platige Image was recently commissioned by BBC Sports to produce several jaw-dropping TV spots to build audience's awareness and excitement ahead of the BBC's coverage of the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Pitch: Human vs nature. A primeval desire to prove oneself, challenge the nature, to win and go down in history for future generations. The idea behind the visual look of the spot was to show the struggle every Sportsman must face during the biggest and most important sport event, The Olympic Games.

>> Get a sneak peek behind the scenes!

>> Full Making-of

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Transform your Sketchup models into high fidelity imagery surrounded with stunning Digital Nature scenery. Render with photo-realistic quality and extensive Digital Nature features such as EcoSystems™, detailed terrains, and ultra realistic 3D clouds, skies and atmospheres. Export your Sketchup models into VUE with one button simplicity using the included Sketchup VUE Exporter plug-in.

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