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All VUE 2015 products are now available!

Today, we are pleased to introduce the free VUE Pioneer 2015, VUE Esprit 2015, VUE Studio 2015 and VUE Complete 2015!

This finalizes the introduction to the market of VUE 2015.

Initial feedback on VUE and PlantFactory 2015 is excellent. Thank you for your comments and feedback. With this new release, we are adding significant functionality such as an exciting non-photorealistic renderer, faster rendering, improved overall performance, a new displacement mapping engine and more.

And we're also happy to announce a special introductory discount for the Artist line: until May 3, 2015 save up to 30% on VUE Esprit, Studio and Complete 2015! Or get the free VUE Pioneer now :-)

What's New in VUE 2015 for 3D Artists

Here is a shortlist of some of the important new features included in the VUE 2015 product line for 3D Artists*:

  • Faster rendering
  • High-amplitude displacement mapping
  • Non-Photo-Real engine analyzes renders like an artist to create stylized artwork
  • Faster Previewing
  • Energy Conservative AntiAliasing
  • Import geo-located terrains
  • Export Rocks
  • Fast content browser with large previews, search and more
  • Double-sided materials
  • Auto-scale clouds with altitude
  • Modulate Spectral clouds sharpness using a function graph
  • And a lot more...

* Some of the new features may require an additional module for VUE Pioneer, Esprit or Studio.

Read the full feature list:

Product Subscription and Free Upgrades

Your Free Upgrade

If you have a Product Subscription, you get your upgrade to VUE 2015 at no additional charge. Download instructions were sent out in a separate e-mail automatically.

You are also entitled to the VUE 2015 upgrade even if you are no longer under product subscription, but would have qualified for the free upgrade had it been released November 27, 2014. Please contact us to reclaim your free upgrade.

What is Product Subscription?

We all know that new versions can be really exciting, with new and enhanced features, and we all love to be using the latest, greatest release. Product Subscription makes it easier for you, and easier on your wallet.

With Product Subscription, and a small monthly payment, you receive all your product upgrades as soon as they are officially released (and the total amount you end up paying is far less than the cost of straight upgrades - up to 50% less, actually)!

Product Subscription is a cost effective upgrade program available to VUE Esprit, Studio and Complete users*.

Prices above are for C.Club members. Non C.Club members pay an additional $2/month.

*Note: Access to Product Subscription is only available during the first month following your activation of VUE.

Visit for full details

Save Up to 30% on VUE 2015

We're offering an introductory price with the releases of VUE 2015 for 3D Artists!

Don't miss your chance to save up to 30% on full licenses of VUE 2015. Upgrades from previous versions are discounted too! Check the online pricelist for full pricing information.


Special Offers


Special Offers


Special Offers

Other upgrade and sidegrade options are discounted too, including the new upgrade paths from VUE 7 and up! Check the online pricelist for more details.

What's coming Next?

We're keeping busy so you you'll be hearing from us again in the coming days. ;-)

Free PLEs, Trials and PantFactory Exporter

We are expecting to ship the free versions of VUE (PLEs and Trials) and PlantFactory 2015 (PLE, Trials and Exporter) early May.

VUE / PlantFactory 2014.7 Updates

In the coming days, we will be releasing a final update for all VUE and PlantFactory 2014 products, to allow VUE 2014 to work with PlantFactory 2015 (some features may not be supported), and PlantFactory 2014 to send plants to VUE 2015.

Carbon Scatter 2015.5, LumenRT 2015.2

Finally, we'll be adding new features to Carbon Scatter and LumenRT shortly. Stay tuned for the official announcements!

Happy VUE-ing,
the e-on software team