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It's March already, and both VUE 2015 and PlantFactory 2015 are almost ready for release, finally! At the end of this newsletter, you will find a few tidbits about what is coming.

But the big announcement for today is different: we're excited to introduce a completely FREE version of LumenRT, LumenRT VIZ. If real-time rendering is on your mind, don't miss this very cool product.

Alongside LumenRT VIZ, we're also introducing LumenRT Architect for ArchiCAD and SketchUp. Read on for details.

We were thrilled to discover how Method Studios used VUE on Jupiter Ascending. The visual effects in this movie are simply... stellar ;-) Take a look at the amazing images and read the full interview.

Have you seen Cornucopia3D's new Ice render competition? You only have a few days left to warm up your machines and chill your renders, so don't delay.

Finally, did you know that you can save 30% on new licenses of PlantFactory and Carbon Scatter (and if you order PlantFactory 2014 now, you'll get a free upgrade to PlantFactory 2015!). See below for details.

Free LumenRT VIZ 2015

LumenRT VIZ lets you export models from SketchUp, then add plants, vehicles, people, edit materials and generate images and videos - all in real-time, using a slick and well designed interface.

LumenRT VIZ is fully functionnal and works both as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in for SketchUp. All exports carry a small logo and are only valid for non-commercial work.

Learn more and download LumenRT VIZ 2015 from:

Welcome LumenRT Architect 2015

LumenRT Architect allows users to quickly transform ArchiCAD and SketchUp designs into nature-filled images, videos and interactive worlds. It's basically identical to LumenRT VIZ, except that it also works with ArchiCAD, is valid for commercial work and does not carry a logo.

With an introductory price of $395 (SRP $495), LumenRT Architect offers an affordable solution to bring design stories to life in a fully animated 3D environment with wind-swept plants, rolling clouds, rippling water, deep shadows and beautiful light. Check the comparative chart on the LumenRT website for detailed specs:

VUE in Jupiter Ascending

Our friends at Art of VFX recently interviewed Simon Carr, VFX Supervisor at Method Studios, on their work for the just released Jupiter Ascending.

In the interview, Simon discusses how they used VUE as part of their 3D environment arsenal for the production of the 320 shots Method was involved in.

All images copyright 2015 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

"We worked with a Maya base for the full environment put together by our Lead CG artist on the sequence. [...] VUE [was] used to generate some naturalistic rock textures and vegetation."

The interview features many concepts and before & after pictures. We hope to have more details about VUE in Jupiter Ascending for you soon.

Read the full story here:

Last Days to Enter the Cornucopia3D Ice Challenge

Winter's sweet return has come full-force in some parts of the world and Cornucopia3D is running a new competition for those inspired to delve into the realm of ice-cold landscapes.

Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Prizes!

With prizes from Cornucopia3D, e-on software and 7 of Cornucopia3D's top vendors, the 3 winners will receive several hundreds of dollars worth of prizes altogether.

Read more and submit your image at :

VUE and PlantFactory 2015

Sample Render from VUE 2015 Non Photo-Realistic Rendering Engine

We know the wait has been long for many of you and we're sorry it has taken so much time to finalize these new releases of VUE and PlantFactory 2015. But the wait is almost over!

We thought we'd share with you a glimpse of the new functionnality coming to these new versions:

VUE 2015: you can see above an example of the output from the brand-new Non-Photo-Realistic renderer. The creative potential offered by this new style of rendering is simply boundless. But we also did a lot of work on the photo-real renderer, with a new high-amplitude displacement engine and accelerated rendering. There's a lot more of course, stay tuned.

PlantFactory 2015: take a look at the video below for an example of the beautiful new wind effects. We've also added support for quads and a new subdivision surface engine. Again, there's a lot more :-)

Sample Wind from PlantFactory 2015

Best regards from the e-on software team.