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August 30, 2004

E-on Software Unveils Vue 5 Esprit!


August 30, 2004. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software, the world leader in nature simulation software, presents a preview video of the fifth iteration of Vue Esprit, its award winning scenery rendering and animation software for casual and advanced digital artists.

QuickTime Preview, entirely rendered with Vue 5 Esprit (4MB).

To save the video: right-click and select "save target as".

Vue 5 Esprit, The Art Of Natural 3D!

Vue 5 Esprit succeeds in combining unequaled ease-of-use and creativity with the latest advances in rendering technology. With a dedicated toolkit for the creation and rendering of realistic scenery, Vue 5 Esprit brings Natural 3D to everyone’s hand. Superb image quality, incredible render speed and unbeatable ease-of-use help make Vue 5 Esprit the best 3D scenery software for casual and advanced digital artists!

A selection of the features in Vue 5 Esprit include:

  • Global Illumination and Radiosity with EasyGI™ single slider quality setting,
  • High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) and Image Based Lighting (IBL),
  • Procedural Terrains with sub-pixel detail whatever the viewing distance,
  • Advanced atmospheric engine,
  • Ultra-realistic 3D tree and plant technology,
  • SmartGraph™ Function and Material Editor
  • Metablobs from all primitives for improved organic modeling,
  • Complete 3D Text editing capability for high quality video and titling effects,
  • Integrated post-processing and camera switching,
  • Pre-animated Mesh Support
  • Advanced OpenGL Previewing
  • Numerous productivity and feature enhancements.

A complete and detailed list of features will be available when Vue 5 Esprit ships.

Vue 5 Esprit will maintain compatibility with Mover 5, e-on software's popular animation expansion pack for Vue d'Esprit 4 and Vue 4 Professional.

The Macintosh OS X and Windows 2000/XP versions of Vue 5 Esprit will be released simultaneously end of September 2004.

Vue 5 Esprit will be initially released in English. German, French and Japanese versions will follow. The estimated street price for Vue 5 Esprit is $249.

Vue d'Esprit 4 owners will be able to upgrade to Vue 5 Esprit for $149. Users who bought Vue d'Esprit 4 after October 1st 2003 will have a special upgrade price at $129.

A $99 sidegrade will also be available for Vue 4 Professional owners eager to lay their hands on the next version of Vue. The Vue Professional line of products will follow its own development path.

About e-on software's product line
Easy to use and productive, the Vue product line offers solutions for professional users as well as hobbyists wanting to create still or animated natural 3D environments.

Vue 4 Professional combines ease of use with the underlying power of a high quality renderer cutting-edge features such as synchronization with all major 3D applications, full compositing options and G-Buffer support, advanced wind and breeze simulation, hybrid network rendering, full import/export options and a highly productive interface, Vue 4 Professional is available for $599, with academic versions available from $199.

Vue d'Esprit 4 for Windows and Mac OS X comes with 2 CDs, bursting with 30 SolidGrowth 2 tree and plants, over 100 atmospheres, 100 different types of clouds, 300 materials, 250 high quality fully textured 3D objects, 50 example scenes and a 340-page manual. Vue d'Esprit 4 is still available for $199, with academic versions available from $169.

Mover 5 for Windows and Mac OS X expands on the already powerful animation in e-on software's Vue/Esprit and Vue/Professional, allowing for inclusion of fully animated digital characters, enhanced, new motion effects, and network rendering. Mover 5 for Windows and Mac OS X is available for $99 and will be compatible with the Vue 5 product line.

Ozone 2.0 for Windows and Mac OS X is the most complete, elaborate and productive solution for creating realistic (or surrealistic) skies and atmospheres in Cinema 4D and LightWave. Ozone 2.0 is available from $199.

About e-on software
Founded in 1997, e-on software was established to develop and promote the highest quality graphics tools. E-on software was founded on the premise that powerful graphics tools should never get in the way of a designer's creativity. E-on software's product line includes the award winning Vue d'Esprit 4, Vue 4 Professional and the Ozone 2.0 line of professional atmospheric plug-ins. E-on software is based in Beaverton, Oregon. Visit their website at

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