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December 13, 2004

Vue Professional Goes Infinite!


December 13, 2004. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software, the leading developer of 3D environments solutions, announces a name change in it's product line, and a new modular software solution.

In its upcoming version 5 release, e-on software's professional solution for the creation of natural 3D environments will see it's name change from "Vue Professional" to "Vue Infinite".

"We feel that the 'Pro' tag is somehow overused these days, and it's meaning tarnished, while we have greater plans and ambitions for our top software", said Nicholas Phelps, president of e-on software."In keeping with our vocation of opening doors to human creativity, the two product names "Infinite" and "Esprit" both choose to evoke rather than describe".

In response to customer feedback, and following along the lines of the Mover 5 animation expansion pack, e-on software is also pleased to announce the imminent release of several additional expansion modules for the Vue Esprit product line. These modules (Botanica™, DeepAccess™ and LightTune™), derived from Vue 4 Professional technologies, will provide Vue 5 Esprit users with the opportunity to gradually add new features and power to their base package without having to invest right away in a full-blown professional solution.

The Vue Infinite product line will further emphasise professional use features and advanced integration with other high-end 3D software. Vue 5 Infinite is scheduled for release early 2005. A complete feature list will be published soon.

Botanica™, the plant edition module will allow Vue 5 Esprit users to edit existing plants, create new plant species and save them as new vegetation templates.

The DeepAccess™ Advanced Browsing module will enhance Vue 5 Esprit's World Browser to display a list of objects, materials and links, as well as allowing the incorporation of textures, the replacement of objects and the automatic re-importing of modified meshes (such as Poser characters).

The LightTune™ module will give Vue 5 Esprit users access to more advanced lighting features, such as selective lighting, shadow maps, custom lighting profiles…

Botanica, DeepAccess, LightTune and Mover 5 will be available for purchase separately or as a bundle. The bundle, including Vue 5 Esprit together with all four modules will be known as "Vue 5 Esprit – Pro Studio".

To summarize, Vue will be available in 3 flavors:

  • Vue 5 Esprit – Stand alone – $249
    • Mover 5 – $99
    • Botanica module – $69
    • DeepAccess module– $59
    • LightTune module– $39
  • Vue 5 Esprit – Pro Studio (including all 4 modules) – $399
  • Vue 5 Infinite – including all features above, plus a lot more – $599

The upgrade from Vue 5 Esprit to Pro Studio will cost $199. The sidegrade from Vue 5 Esprit – Pro Studio to Vue 5 Infinite will cost $199. The sidegrade from Vue 5 Esprit to Vue 5 Infinite will cost $399. The upgrade from Vue 4 Professional to Vue 5 Infinite will cost $149.

More information will be available soon on the e-on software website:

About e-on software
Founded in 1997, e-on software was established to develop and promote the highest quality graphics tools with professional strength features. E-on software was founded on the premise that powerful graphics tools should never get in the way of a designer’s creativity. Established by graphics enthusiasts for graphics enthusiasts, e-on software translates its passion for art into tools for the graphics community. E-on software’s product line includes the award winning Vue "natural environment" solutions, as well as the Ozone 2.0 professional atmospheric plug-ins. E-on software is based in Beaverton, Oregon. Visit their website at .

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