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June 1, 2006

Vue 5 xStream for LightWave and Cinema4D Pre-Release Available!


June 1, 2006. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software, the leading developer of natural 3D environment solutions, today announced the pre-release of two new versions of its xStream suite of plug-ins: xStream for LightWave and xStream for Cinema4D.

Vue 5 xStream is a suite of plug-ins that enables the seamless integration of Vue environments into the industry's leading 3D applications. Versions of xStream were already available for Autodesk 3DS Max and Maya. As of today, versions of xStream for Newtek LightWave and Maxon Cinema 4D are also available. xStream for Softimage XSI is still under development.

Vue 5 xStream, Streamlining Vue Integration!

The Vue 5 xStream suite of plug-ins lets CG professionals fully integrate their 3D projects into Vue environments. Vue 5 xStream brings Vue's natural environments right into Max, Maya, LightWave and Cinema 4D.

"Vue 5 xStream is our response to the request from CGFX studios for a streamlined solution to integrate Vue environments into their production pipeline. Thanks to xStream, studios can now efficiently reap the benefits of Vue's dedicated natural environment toolset. We are pleased to be adding LightWave and Cinema 4D to the list of supported platforms!", said Nicholas Phelps, president of e-on software.

"Using Vue 5 and LightWave combined, I've not only amazed myself at how fast I can generate photo real environments, but also seasoned visual effects producers and supervisors. The closer integration offered with xStream streamlines the pipeline even further. This is an amazing product that allows artists, designers, and digital matte painters to quickly generate digital environments that would previously require weeks or months to generate." says Rob Powers, 3D Technical Dir. Lightstorm Ent.

Expected benefits of the xStream plugins:

  • Vue 5 xStream bridges the gap between e-on software's acclaimed natural 3D environment software and the industry's leading 3D applications.
  • Vue 5 xStream streamlines integration by effectively eliminating any need for import/export or compositing processes.
  • Open any Vue 5 Infinite scene directly inside Cinema4D/LightWave/Max/Maya.
  • Blend native objects and animations with the Vue environments, with full 2-way mutual shadow casting, reflection, refraction and lighting. Render everything in a single pass with Cinema4D software renderer, LightWave software renderer, Maya Mental Ray, Maya software renderer and Max Mental Ray.
  • Get the best of both worlds. Combine the power of your favorite application with Vue's unique capabilities, like the revolutionary EcoSystemT technology, the ability to animate entire forests with wind and breeze, SolidGrowthT vegetation, terrains with infinite levels of detail, volumetric atmospheres and procedural multi-materials.
  • Create and edit Vue environments directly in Cinema4D/LightWave/Max/Maya with the xStream interface*. No need to re-save, re-load or re-import.

For more information on Vue 5 xStream, please visit

"As an artist and independent filmmaker, I am constantly pushing 3D CGI past previously accepted limits. I've never before seen a tool that so easily lets me create landscapes and exteriors with details as rich and lush as a classical painting. Vue's ability to take what I have in my head and put it out there on the screen is unprecedented." says Timothy Albee, Northern Lights Animation.

Vue 5 xStream is available for Cinema4D R9 and higher, LightWave 9, 3DS Max 7 and higher and Maya 6 and higher, and is compatible with Max's MentalRayT and Maya Software and MentalRay renderers. Versions of xStream for other application such as Softimage XSI are underway. Other third party renderers are also currently under consideration. Vue 5 xStream for Cinema 4D and LightWave will ship Summer 2006. A pre-release version is available immediately for all pre-orders (Window 2000/XP platform only - OS X available shortly). Vue 5 xStream retails at $495.

*Requires a separate license of Vue 5 Infinite.

About e-on software
E-on software is the leading developer of high quality solutions for the creation, animation, rendering and integration of natural 3D environments. With products specifically targeted for the different market segments, e-on software provides solutions adapted to every project and budget. E-on software products are used worldwide by the film, television, architecture, game, science, education and entertainment industries.

E-on software was founded on the premise that powerful graphics tools should never get in the way of the designer's creativity. By investing significant resources into research and development, e-on software is able to deliver cutting-edge technologies that significantly improve usability and workflow.

E-on software is based in Beaverton, Oregon with a European office in Paris, France.

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