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June 1, 2011

E-on Software Resellers Announce Summer Road-Show Seminar Schedule


June 1, 2011. Beaverton, Oregon: e-on software the leader in 3D sky, light and nature technologies, along with its resellers, today announced the schedule of its upcoming Summer Road-Show Seminar presentations. Conducted on location by e-on’s top resellers, the Summer Road-Show Seminar events feature in-depth presentations and demonstrations of e-on’s flagship Vue Product Line as well as some of its newly introduced products such as LumenRT and Carbon Scatter.

Learn how e-on products and technologies can unleash your Digital Nature at any of the following seminars:

June 14: AIGA, Rennes - France. Contact information: Philippe Ruveron.

June 17: Weltenbauer, Wiesbaden - Germany. Contact information: Berthold Grünhagen.

June 24: Siacad, Singapore. Contact information: Ben Thum.

June 30: C.A.I. Systeme, Berlin - Germany. Contact information: Armin Issmayer.

July 1:, Utrecht - The Netherlands. Contact information: Stefan Twigt.

July 5: Bardins, Szczecin - Poland. Contact information: Piotr Burzynski.

July 6: Softwarediskont, Vienna - Austria. Contact information: Markus Fiala.

Online Webinars:

July 12: Simulistic, Great Falls VA - USA. Contact information: Jeff Meeker, 11 AM (GMT -05:00) Eastern Time (US/Canada).

July 18: Storm FX, Sydney - Australia. Contact information: Vanessa Tsui, 10:00 AM (Sydney Australia).

July 26: Safe Harbor, Waukesha WI - USA. Contact information: Marc Leitner, 1pm (GMT -06:00) Central Time (US/Canada).

More dates and locations will be announced in the coming days.

About e-on software

E-on software is the leading developer of solutions for the creation, animation, rendering and integration of natural 3D environments. Offering a wide array of Digital Nature products and applications, e-on software provides solutions adapted to every project and budget. E-on software products are used worldwide by the film, television, architecture, game, science, educational and entertainment industries.

E-on software products were used in feature films such as as "Avatar", "Clash of the Titans", "Despicable Me", "The Wolf Man", "2012", "Lovely Bones", "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus", "GI Joe – The Rise of the Cobra", "The Proposal", "Land of the Lost", "Terminator 4, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", "Indiana Jones 4", "Monster Vs Aliens", "Australia", "The Spiderwick Chronicles", "KungFu Panda", "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" and TV series such as "Smallville", "Battlestar Gallactica", "Caprica", "Stargate Atlantis", "Stargate Continuum", and more. Read more on these stories in e-on software's Spotlights section:

E-on software was founded on the premise that powerful graphics tools should never get in the way of the designer's creativity. By investing significant resources into research and development, e-on software is able to deliver cutting-edge, user friendly technologies that produce stunning Digital Nature scenery.

E-on software is based in Beaverton, Oregon with a European office in Paris, France.

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