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May 7, 2001

Vue d'Esprit 4 Announcement

May 7, 2001. Beaverton, OR. USA and Europe-based e-on software announces Vue d'Esprit 4 (Vue 4), the next version of its award winning 3D scenery animation and rendering software. Vue 4 advances a new ease-of-use architecture and adds a long list of advanced realism features for the creation of ultra natural 3D graphics.

"Vue d'Esprit 4 represents a huge advance in making ultra natural 3D graphics and animation accessible and affordable to both casual and professional artists. Artists can decide just how much of the natural world they want to have in their work. Vue 4 isn't about the great technology, it's about placing nature's paintbrush into the hands of the artist without the complexity of the paintbrush getting in the way of the results," said Nicholas Phelps, president of e-on software.

Some of the new advanced realism features in Vue 4 include:

  • A whole new volumetric atmosphere system that closely captures the complex interactions of air and light; volumetric clouds, materials and lights
  • Lens flares, stellar and atmospheric objects - planets (moons and other planets of the solar system), stars, rainbows and ice rings
  • A new Terrain Editor with real-time 3D preview, random rock generator, symmetrical terrains
  • SolidGrowth 2, an advance on e-on software's amazingly realistic tree and plant creation and rendering technology that creates unique natural objects within a click, all within an extremely small memory footprint
  • Direct import of static Curious Lab's Poser Scenes for inclusion of complex animal and human models

Other new special effects and new functions include:

Luminous and glowing materials, light gels, unlimited transparency depth, several new shadow features, backlighting and anti-aliasing options for higher quality rendering.

Vue 4 will add MPEG 1, MPEG 2, Quicktime™, RealMovie™, Quicktime VR™, PICT and TIFF import/export filters.

"The Poser team at Curious Labs is excited that Vue 4 will allow immediate inclusion of Poser scenes. We are sure the Poser community will be excited about how well Poser and Vue work together to create complex, naturalistic scenes with humans, animals, vegetation and atmospheric phenomena," said Steve Cooper, President of Curious Labs, Inc.

Long-time Vue users will welcome a new interface with even greater ease of use features, such as high quality OpenGL scene previews and a real-time thumbnail render of the scene. Vue 4 will also feature a completely rewritten rendering engine that will increase rendering speed by 40%.

Vue d'Esprit 4 will be available in English, French, German and Japanese language versions, with an estimated street price of $199.

About e-on software
Founded in 1997, e-on software was established to develop and promote the highest quality graphics tools with professional strength features. Established by graphics enthusiasts for graphics enthusiasts, e-on software translates its passion for art into tools for the graphics community. E-on software is based in Beaverton, Oregon and Paris, France. The company has achieved worldwide reputation for its award winning 3D scenery generator Vue d'Esprit.