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September 23, 2004

ResPower Render Farm Supports E-on Software Vue Professional

September 23, 2004. Beaverton, OR and Huntsville, AL: ResPower Inc., the world's first self-service render farm and e-on software, the world leader in nature simulation software, are pleased to announce the support for rendering of e-on software's Vue 4 Professional scenery on the ResPower render farm.

Early Ehlinger, CEO of ResPower, says: "E-on software's Vue Professional is the leading solution for the creation of realistic 3D environments. It does a wonderful job at what takes days to achieve in other 3D applications. With the addition of Vue Professional to existing Maya, Max, LightWave and MentalRay rendering, ResPower now offers its customers the perfect solution for the creation of fully animated, natural 3D environments. Adding Vue Professional to our render offering was an obvious decision!"

Vue 4 Professional is the most powerful and flexible solution for creating, animating and rendering realistic 3D environments. Vue 4 Professional naturally integrates and extends all major 3D applications to provide a complete professional natural 3D studio. With an intuitive, production oriented layout, synchronization with all major 3D applications and full compositing options, Vue 4 Professional users will quickly create and enhance their projects with incredible wind-swept SolidGrowth™ 3 trees and plants, volumetric atmospheres and rich terrains in fully animated 3D scenery.

Vue 4 Professional is available for Windows and Macintosh OS X platforms.

"ResPower, the premiere rendering service in the world, is committed to supporting the leading 3D applications on the market. E-on software is happy that Vue users on Macintosh and Windows systems can now benefit from ResPower's world-class rendering service and see their 3D creations rendered photorealistically faster than they could have previously imagined!", says Nicholas Phelps, president of e-on software.

With over 1,500 GHz and the enhanced features of Vue 4 Professional®, the ResPower™ render farm turns any crew into a major studio. Everyone from large firms to individual users can log in at any time, upload their files and render. ResPower delivers the best in speed, software, and service 24/7/365. And because the render farm is self-service, render jobs as short as a single frame are welcome.

About e-on software
Founded in 1997, e-on software was established to develop and promote the highest quality graphics tools with professional strength features, specializing in the natural world.

Established by graphics enthusiasts for graphics enthusiasts, e-on software translates its passion for art into tools for the graphics community.

E-on software has offices in Beaverton, Oregon and Paris, France.

The company has achieved worldwide reputation for its award winning 3D scenery generator Vue Professional.

Contact: - 503-372-9698 (USA) / +33 1 4314 2815 (Europe)

About ResPower
Founded in 2000, ResPower provides rendering services with over 1,500 GHz. Now supporting 7 render engines in over 14 versions, ResPower is the world's premiere Rendering farm service. ResPower provides rendering worldwide for small to large volume projects, for clients such as Nickelodeon, Newtek, and Country Music Television.

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