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LumenRT 2015.5 is Here

Working with LumenRT and PlantFactory


We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of LumenRT 2015.5.

LumenRT 2015.5 adds a number of important features and capabilities including:

  • Up to 20x Faster
    Massive optimizations of the LumenRT Real-Time engine result in smoother playback of LiveCubes.
  • PlantFactory 2015 Compatibility
    Edit and animate new LumenRT plant species. Seamlessly edit LumenRT plants in PlantFactory. Create and save new species directly to your LumenRT library.
  • NEW Integration Plugins
    LumenRT 2015.5 is now compatible with Esri CityEngine 2015 and Autodesk Revit 2016.
  • Updated Integration Plugins
    LumenRT 2015.5 is now compatible with MicroStation 64Bit, adds support for SketchUP large model export (for models containing more than 50,000 objects) and adds lighting support for ArchiCad.
  • NEW and Updated Content Library
    LumenRT 2015.5 ships with a set of new plant species, and all existing plants are optimized for the new Real-time engine.
  • Precise Positioning
    New numerical position, orientation and scale inputs let you precisely place your imported content in the LumenRT scene.
  • And much more

Learn more from today's press release here.

Learn more about LumenRT 2015 at

See LumenRT in Action at the Bentley Connection Events

LumenRT will be prominently featured at the upcoming Bentley Connection events being held in 30 cities worldwide from May through September.

At these events users will learn how LumenRT is revolutionizing 3D visualization and communication for Bentley MicroStation applications.

LumenRT is seamlessly integrated with all Bentley MicroStation-based applications and transforms models into fully interactive, nature-filled images, videos, and immersive experiences.

In addition, e-on software is providing additional support as silver partner at the Bentley Connection event in Manchester. If you are an infrastructure user, this is a very worthwhile event to consider as it will allow you to see first-hand how companies are exploiting the power of real-time immersive visualization for competitive advantage.

Save the date: Bentley Connection Event Manchester UK - JUNE 29 - 30, 2015. Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport.

Can't make it to Manchester? The Bentley Connection Event is coming to a city near you!

  • Philadelphia 18-19 May
  • Chicago 19-20 May
  • Oslo 19-20 May
  • Amsterdam 20-21 May
  • Toronto 21-22 May
  • Atlanta 2-3 June
  • Paris 2-3 June
  • Singapore 3-4 June
  • Los Angeles 4-5 June
  • Chennai 9-10 June
  • Milano 9-10 June
  • Prague 10-11 June
  • Houston 16-17 June
  • Madrid 16-17 June
  • Mexico City 23-24 June
  • Manchester 29-30 June
  • Wiesbaden 1-2 July
  • Seoul 14-15 July
  • Tokyo 16-17 July
  • Beijing 6-7 August
  • Johannesburg 18-19 August
  • Brisbane 19-20 August
  • Sao Paulo 25-26 August
  • Calgary 2-3 September
  • Warsaw 29-30 September
  • Helsinki 6-7 October
  • Zhengzhou 15-16 October
  • Dubai Coming Soon
  • Moscow Coming Soon
  • Mumbai Coming Soon

  • Learn more about the Bentley Connection Events here.

    Learn more about LumenRT 2015 at

    LumenRT 2015 Introduces GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD Integration

    "LumenRT is possibly the best thing that has happened to BIM since BIM itself!"
    Ivo Venkov, Architect & Founder of PAA Studio.

    One of the World's Most Popular BIM Systems Fully Integrated With LumenRT 2015

    We are pleased to announce that LumenRT 2015 is now fully-integrated with GRAPHISOFT ArchiCAD on the PC and Mac platforms.

    The interface includes full support for the export of ArchiCAD geometry and BIM information along with an integrated LumenRT proxy content library of plants, vehicles, and characters.

    With the ArchiCAD LumenRT Exporter (standard on all versions of LumenRT), ArchiCAD users can instantly transform their models into rich, immersive scenery complete with wind-blown trees, moving vehicles, animated characters, wavy water, clouds, and atmospheres.

    Read the press release here.

    Learn more about LumenRT 2015 at

    LumenRT 2015 Adds Enhanced MicroStation Features

    Watch the LumenRT 2015 - MicroStation QuickStart Tutorial on Youtube
    "LumenRT provides a new avenue for MicroStation users to create real-time 3D visualizations of their designs!"
    Jerry Flynn, Bentley Systems Visualization Expert.

    New Capabilities for Large Scale Scenery, Traffic Animation, and Roadway Design

    We are pleased to announce an enhanced feature set and richer integration with Bentley MicroStation - the leading CAD solution for civil engineering and infrastructure design.

    LumenRT 2015 contains an expanded MicroStation content library with over 100 plants and trees, 125 vehicles, and 100 characters. In addition, LumenRT 2015 GeoDesign users can export MicroStation Traffic and VISSIM animations directly into LumenRT.

    Once inside LumenRT, MicroStation users will enjoy many new features including interactive terrain editing and sculpting, object instance painting for adding hundreds of trees in a single brush stroke, and road design specific features that designate pavement markings as "always on top" to eliminate z-fighting artifacts.

    Learn more from today's press release here.

    Learn more about LumenRT 2015 at

    Alabama DOT Uses LumenRT 2015 for Massive Mobile River Bridge Project

    "LumenRT just hit it out of the park for us!"
    J.D. D'Arville, GIS Administrator for the Alabama Department of Transportation.

    The Alabama Dept of Transportation (ALDOT) successfully used LumenRT on the highly acclaimed Mobile River Bridge project.

    The bridge will span the Mobile River near downtown Mobile with a minimum vertical clearance height of 215 feet making it the second highest clearance bridge in the United States -- just below the famed Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

    LumenRT 2015 was utilized to create immersive 3D LiveCube visualizations of a 10 km square area of the proposed bridge and surrounding site area. The LiveCubes were constructed from a combination of Esri CityEngine, Bentley MicroStation, and Trimble Sketchup models along with VISSIM and Bentley Traffic vehicle animations.

    "LumenRT's ability to quickly construct large scale interactive visualizations from a variety of CAD and GIS source models is a very impressive capability that helps us to present the overall design intent and environmental impact to a wide variety of audiences" says J.D. D'Arville, GIS Administrator for the Alabama Department of Transportation.

    In addition, the LiveCubes contained over 50,000 3D breeze animated trees, several hundred animated vehicles, wave-animated water and a full 3D atmosphere with moving clouds and haze.

    Read the full story at:

    Learn more about LumenRT 2015 at

    LumenRT 2015 is Shipping

    LumenRT 2015 is so large and feature-rich that it really is a completely new product!
    Nicholas Phelps, CEO of e-on software.

    We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of LumenRT 2015 GeoDesign and Studio products.

    LumenRT 2015 contains numerous new features and capabilities including:

    • Enhanced realism with new DIVE technology
    • Interactive Scene Authoring and Editing
    • Seasonal vegetation with changing colors
    • Graphisoft ArchiCAD Integration
    • BIM attributes and layers
    • Real-time sculpting of Terrains
    • 3D skies with moving Clouds and Haze
    • Object Animation Paths
    • Huge new Content Library
    • PlantFactory Integration

    LumenRT 2015 includes a newly developed real-time rendering platform called Dynamic Immersive Visualization Engine or DIVE for short. The DIVE platform delivers exceptional visual performance and realism, handling scenes of enormous complexity and detail. LumenRT 2015 is packed with feature-rich capabilities to handle the most demanding Architectural and GeoDesign projects.

    Pricing and Availability

    We are currently offering two LumenRT products - LumenRT Studio and LumenRT GeoDesign. LumenRT Studio is packaged for architects and BIM professionals and is available at the introductory price of $795 (SRP $995). LumenRT GeoDesign is the top-end of the LumenRT product line configured for Urban and Infrastructure Design Professionals and is offered at the introductory price of $1,495 (SRP $1995).

    LumenRT is compatible with all 3D applications and directly plugs into Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Bentley MicroStation, Autodesk Revit, E-on Software VUE, Esri CityEngine and Trimble Sketchup.

    Learn more from

    LumenRT 2015 - Layers, Sections and BIM

    LumenRT 2015 - The Communication Platform for Architecture and GeoDesign - is almost here!

    Experience photo realistic vast scenes in real-time and easily view the details with layers, sections, and BIM information.

    Watch now:

    Buy LumenRT 4 with maintenance today and get LumenRT 2015 for free!

    Stay tuned:

    LumenRT 2015 - Seasons

    LumenRT 2015 - The Communication Platform for Architecture and GeoDesign - is almost here!

    Enjoy every season with LumenRT's versatile plant life. Paint on your environment and control the time of year for all the vegetation. You can even tweak the season for individual trees for complete control over the look of your scene.

    Watch now:

    Buy LumenRT 4 with maintenance today and get LumenRT 2015 for free!

    Stay tuned:

    LumenRT 2015 - Water, Terrains and Materials

    LumenRT 2015 - The Communication Platform for Architecture and GeoDesign - is almost here!

    Watch how easy it is to manipulate the world around your 3D model to replicate any environment you need. Add water, land masses, plants, people and everyday objects to bring your scenes to life!

    Watch now:

    Buy LumenRT 4 with maintenance today and get LumenRT 2015 for free!

    Stay tuned:

    LumenRT 2015 - Real-Time Editing

    LumenRT 2015 - The Communication Platform for Architecture and GeoDesign - is almost here!

    This video focuses on the new real-time editing capabilities of LumenRT 2015. Add and edit content interactively using the vast library of included items, populate your scenes with large amounts of vegetation, and enjoy the beautiful light with real-time indirect illumination.

    Watch now:

    Stay tuned:

    LumenRT 2015 - Dynamic Skies

    LumenRT 2015 - GeoDesign's Communication Platform - is almost here!

    This video focuses on the new dynamic skies and the ability to interactively modify the atmospheric conditions in your LiveCubes!

    Watch now:

    Stay tuned:

    LumenRT Delivers On-the-Fly and Saves the Day at KTU+A

    Watch a brief excerpt of the project video

    Recently, Dave Leonard was able to get his team out of a difficult situation thanks to LumenRT. Best of all, he did this from an airport lounge, using his laptop while waiting for his connecting flight!

    "LumenRT really saved the day on the fly!", says Dave ;-)

    >> Read the story!

    Tips and Tricks - Setting the LumenRT Display Quality

    On the LumenRT LiveCube settings panel (tab key + settings icon), there is a slider switch for setting the overall display quality. By default, this switch is set to "Auto" as shown by the yellow auto button.

    In Auto quality mode, LumenRT will adjust the quality slider automatically to achieve at least 20 frames per second. If the frame rate is too low, it will adjust the quality level downward.

    In some cases, on very large complex scenes, the Auto quality level may fall to zero which disables all shadows and animations. To avoid this, you can manually set the display quality to a higher value by disabling the Auto quality button and moving the quality slider to a higher value.

    A manual quality setting of 3 or above is usually good for interactive presentations. At the full max quality level of 5 (all the way to the right), shadows, animations, and real-time high-quality reflections are restored which will obviously reduce the overall interactive frame rate.

    Setting the quality slider for each LiveCube requires some fine tuning in order to achieve the proper balance between frame rate and overall display quality.

    Learn more about LumenRT at

    LumenRT 4.4 Now Available

    LumenRT 4.4 Real-Time Render - Direct Export from Revit 2014

    Available as a free upgrade for all LumenRT 4 users, this update adds improved export capabilities for all LumenRT supported platforms including CityEngine, MicroStation, Revit, and Sketchup.

    New or enhanced capabilities include:

    • CityEngine - support for CityEngine 2013 via the LumenRT GeoDesign Plugin,
    • MicroStation - improved large scene handling and extended lighting support,
    • Revit - full uv materials and nested lights (Revit 2014 +),
    • Sketchup - enhanced Mac display driver and support for future Sketchup releases.

    LumenRT 4.4 Real-Time Render - Direct Export from MicroStation

    Check out for more information and install instructions.

    WashDOT & LumenRT, from Roadway Design to the Courtroom!

    The Washington State Dept of Transportation (WSDOT) Visual Engineering Resource Group (VERG) has developed a number of innovative LumenRT use cases ranging from roadway design to courtroom legal support visualization.

    Check out the LumenRT Website for an exclusive interview of VERG's visionary leader Kurt Stiles.

    LumenRT 4.3 Now Available

    Available for free, this new release includes an updated content library featuring 80 additional, real-time optimized plants

    On top of this new optimized content, the 4.3 update also includes several new features such as:

    • Custom per material reflection quality setting
    • Optimized export of large Microstation scenes
    • Improved artificial lighting for largely offset scenes
    • Improved north rotation value when performing a static export of an animated scene

    Check out for more information and install instructions.

    Expanded Plant Library for LumenRT 4 Studio!


    In a few weeks we will be releasing LumenRT 4.3 which includes a newly expanded plant library. The new plant library adds over 50 new species of trees and shrubs yielding a total plant library of over 100 items. Included are:

    • Common hardwood trees such as Chestnut, Elm, Maple, Oak, Sycamore and Walnut
    • Landscape trees like Aralia, Cherry, Dogwood, Poplar, Willow and Fruit Trees
    • Shrubs such as Azalea, Buckthorn, Privet, and Rhododendron
    • Flowering plants like Sunflower, Roses, Orchids and Spring Blossom Trees

    All plants are fully wind-animated and were developed using e-on software's new Plant Factory technology.

    LumenRT Video by Codart

    Check out this video created with LumenRT 4 Studio by Slawomir Sznerch.