PlantFactory 2016: Create, Refine, and Export high-quality animated 3D Plants

PlantFactory is an innovative 3D vegetation modeling, animation, and rendering software developed for the CG, SFX, architecture and gaming communities.

"PlantFactory is a must have for any vfx pipeline -- not only as an ideal companion to VUE, but also as a strong ally in any general environment production scenario." said Peter Baustaedter, VFX art director and environment artist.

Key new features in VUE 2016 include:

  • Growth Simulation: Easily generate geometry using a biologically inspired growth simulation
  • PlantFactory Variations: Easily and quickly add more realism to your scenes and improve your productivity at the same time!
  • Fully customizable Level of Detail (LOD)
  • And a lot more...

Check out some of the new features in action!

Growth Simulation

Preset Variations

Level Of Detail (LOD)

Full feature list: