VUE 2016: Create Seamlessly Integrated Natural 3D Environments

VUE 2016 is packed with new features and advancements that accelerate modeling and animation, enabling computer graphics, artists, and others to seamlessly enrich their natural environment and standout visuals for their movies, games, and architectural landscape.

Olivier Pron, supervising art director and head of art department, Method Studios, said, "VUE and PlantFactory are helping us be more creative and productive across the entire workflow for our productions, regardless the tools we currently use."

Key new features in VUE 2016 include:

  • Integration: Export almost any assets, including full scenes and EcoSystem populations(1)
  • xStream Convert tool: render your scenes with any renderer such as RenderMan, Arnold, Octane, VRayRT, etc.(1)
  • Hybrid GPU/CPU Interactive Path Tracer enabling GPU rendering
  • Heightfield Terrains: New Terrain Modeling technology, more flexible and a lot more Powerful!
  • Multiple Global EcoSystem Layers, that can be saved as EcoPainter Brushes
  • PlantFactory Variations: Easily and quickly add more realism to your scenes and improve productivity at the same time!
  • Fully customizable workspace and HiDPI display support
  • And a lot more...

Check out some of the new features in action!

Import and Export

HeightField Terrain Technology

Hybrid GPU/CPU Interactive Path Tracer

PlantFactory Preset Variations

Multiple Global EcoSystems

Customizable Workspace

(1) VUE xStream only

Full feature list: