The Full VUE 2016 Product Line is Now Available

Today, we are pleased to introduce VUE Complete 2016, VUE Studio 2016, VUE Esprit 2016 and the free VUE Pioneer 2016!

This finalizes the introduction to the market of VUE 2016.

Thank you for your comments and feedback on VUE and PlantFactory 2016. With this new release, we are adding significant functionality such as an exciting Hybrid GPU/CPU Interactive Path Tracer, the new and powerful Heightfield Terrain technology, plenty of EcoSystem technology improvements, and a lot more!

Key new features in VUE 2016 include:

  • Hybrid GPU/CPU Interactive Path Tracer enabling GPU rendering
  • Heightfield Terrains: New Terrain Modeling technology, more flexible and a lot more Powerful!
  • Multiple Global EcoSystem Layers, that can be saved as EcoPainter Brushes
  • PlantFactory Variations: Easily and quickly add more realism to your scenes and improve productivity at the same time!
  • Optimized Workspace and Workflow and HiDPI display support
  • And a lot more...

Check out some of the new features in action!

HeightField Terrain Technology

Hybrid GPU/CPU Interactive Path Tracer

PlantFactory Preset Variations

Multiple Global EcoSystems

Full feature list: