We're proud to announce the 3 winners for the 2017 3D Environment Competition!

We are always impressed by the creativity and excellent work shown in our contests, which encourage Artists to keep pushing their composition and 3D realism skills to a new level.

We would like to thank the judges for their dedication and enlightening comments, all sponsors for their generous contribution, the Cornucopia3D staff for their invaluable help, and of course, all participants.

Congratulations to the winners for their truly superb works!

3D Environment Competition 2017 Winner

At the Heart of the Island by Alen Vejzovic

Alen Vejzovic will receive worth over $17,000 in prizes!

First Runner Up

Wonderfully Alone by Alessandro Mancini

Alessandro Mancini will receive worth over $8,000 in prizes!

Second Runner Up

Fisherman by Maciek Sikora

Maciek Sikora will receive worth over $4000 in prizes!

3D Environment Competition 2017 - e-on Academic Winner

Cave by Jonathan Bacheter - ArtFX

Jonathan Bacheter will receive worth over $4000 in prizes!