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3D Environment Competition 2017 Winners Announced

We're proud to announce the 3 winners for the 2017 3D Environment Competition!

We are always impressed by the creativity and excellent work shown in our contests, which encourage Artists to keep pushing their composition and 3D realism skills to a new level.

We would like to thank the judges for their dedication and enlightening comments, all sponsors for their generous contribution, the Cornucopia3D staff for their invaluable help, and of course, all participants.

Congratulations to the winners for their truly superb works!

3D Environment Competition 2017 Winner

At the Heart of the Island by Alen Vejzovic

Alen Vejzovic will receive worth over $17,000 in prizes!

First Runner Up

Wonderfully Alone by Alessandro Mancini

Alessandro Mancini will receive worth over $8,000 in prizes!

Second Runner Up

Fisherman by Maciek Sikora

Maciek Sikora will receive worth over $4000 in prizes!

3D Environment Competition 2017 - e-on Academic Winner

Cave by Jonathan Bacheter - ArtFX

Jonathan Bacheter will receive worth over $4000 in prizes!

3D Environment Competition 2017 Finalists Announced

We're excited to announce the 10 finalists for the 2017 3D Environment Competition!

A big thanks to all the 160 artists who entered this year, we were in awe of all the artwork and it was a very close call.

Wishing good luck to the judges on selecting the 3 winners, it will be a tough decision :)

1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced on October 31st, 2017. Check back to see the results!

The Sword in the Stone by Luigi Marini

Fisherman by Maciek Sikora

Wonderfully Alone by Alessandro Mancini

At the Heart of the Island by Alen Vejzovic

Unplugged by German Jarrys

Anyox Dam by Cynthia Decker

Cretaceous Impression With Waterfall by Lars Braad Andersen

First Contact by David Aguero

New Civilisation by Marvin Funke

Tree of Knowledge by Ralph Strean

Gnomon Masterclass: Bringing the Director's Vision to Life

Bringing the Director's Vision to Life:

From Script to Final Concept

Saturday, May 27th, 2017, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Philippe Gaulier (Senior Art Director) and Olivier Pron (Supervising Art Director) will connect at the Gnomon Stage on Saturday, May 27th, to share their experiences, methods, and techniques for creating concept art and visuals for films. From initial brainstorm to final concept, Philippe and Olivier will discuss the various challenges they face during the pre-production process in a film production environment, and highlight some of their contributions to films such as Dr. Strange, Mad Max: Fury Road, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Meet the leading artists from one of Los Angeles' top studios and hear firsthand how their artistic journeys and creative processes have helped them generate conceptual art that has brought directors' visions to life for the big screen.

RSVP to attend for free. Seating is on a first-come-first-served basis, so be sure to arrive in good time to secure your place in line. Alternatively, follow along on Livestream* and ask questions during the live event using #gnomon on Twitter.

*This event will be streamed live, but due to the Marvel content that will be shared, the event will not be archived. Be sure to tune in live to watch this event on May 27th at 1:00 PM PDT. The recording will not be available for viewing after the event ends.


1:00 pm - 2:30 pm: Bringing the Director's Vision to Life: Philippe Gaulier and Olivier Pron
2:30 pm - 3:00 pm: Audience Questions

Learn more from:

Are You Social?

We're pretty active on our social channels, where we publish informational, inspirational or promotional news daily.

Learn about the cool projects our users do with our tools, get inspired by other artist's work, and learn more about our current and upcoming projects, in real time!

Are you following us?


VUE 2016 Leaks #1: Interactive Path Tracer

Hybrid GPU/CPU Interactive Path Tracer

GPU rendering comes to VUE with the new Path Tracer renderer. This renderer naturally and automatically simulates real-life lighting, and automatically calculates many effects that have to be specifically set with other methods, such as soft shadows, depth of field, caustics, ambient occlusion, and indirect lighting.

Path tracing in VUE 2016 is available as an interactive rendering quality in the viewports, as well as an offline rendering engine.

Stay tuned for more VUE-Leaks in the coming days!

Equip Your School 2016 Student Program

Equip Your School 2016 Student Program

As an enthusiastic and passionate Artist, you are using either VUE or PlantFactory and really enjoy creating your 3D natural scenes/environments with it?

You're having fun with our tools, and you know for fact how these tools can be useful in a professional context?

You are a student and would like to share this technology and your passion with your professor and fellow students?

Get your school equipped* and receive a full suite of e-on software products for FREE!
For any questions or to apply, contact:

*A School/University/Community College is considered as "equipped" when they have subscribed to e-on software ATC (Education) program

Jungle Book Art Contest Winners

Cornucopia3D is proud to announce the 3 winners for the Cornucopia3D Jungle Book Art Contest!

We would like to thank all Artists who entered the contest. We were more than impressed by the quality of your artwork!

And of course, congratulations to the 3 winners for their truly superb works!

Jungle Book Art Contest Winner

Forgotten Place by Aron Kamolz

First Runner Up

Jungle River by Lars Braad Andersen

Second Runner Up

Alone in the jungle by Maciek Sikora

Honorable Mentions

The Mire by Craig John

Small Adventures by Benjamin Aeilkema
Check all entries and the prizes each winner has won!

Jungle Book Art Contest - Thousands of Dollars Worth of Prizes

Jungle Book 2016 Art Contest

"He would be far away in the jungle; tasting, touching, seeing, and feeling new things." - Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book

Spring has emerged and in the spirit of the Jungle Book Cornucopia3D is offering a new contest for the best Jungle Rendering of all time!

We want to see an explosion of vegetation, green mountains, clear skies, or maybe cloudy skies, a wild animal or two peeking from behind a tree or up in the branches.

A man or a woman might be lost in there. Any wolves?

In 1894 Kipling wrote a collection of stories that were published in magazines with wild illustrations that were actually created by Kipling's father.

Many have read the jungle book and seen the black and white Hollywood classic, possibly more people are familiar with the many feature films, animations, experimental pieces, and cartoons that were based on the Jungle Book plot and now, with the explosion of 3D, Disney is releasing a new version for 2016.

And it's your turn, create an image that lures you into the Jungle and win great prizes from Cornucopia3D and e-on software.

Thousands of Dollars Worth of Prizes!

With prizes from Cornucopia3D and e-on software the 3 winners will receive several thousands of dollars worth of prizes altogether.

1st place:

First Runner Up:

Second Runner Up:

Learn more and enter the competition:

Star Wars Fan Art Contest Winners

Cornucopia3D is proud to announce the 3 winners for the Cornucopia3D Star Wars Fan Arts Contest!

We would like to thank Paul Huston for his dedication and enlightening comments, and of course, all participants.

Congratulations to the winners for their truly superb works!

Star Wars Fan Arts Winner

Take One by Rob Wildenburg

Paul commented: This is a professional looking composition!

First Runner Up

Hoth Aftermath by Jefferson Lim

Paul commented: Good integration of model with landscape. Good snow material. Good Star Destroyer damage. Would have been nice to see more exposed rock so that the landscape is not so uniformly one color/texture.

Second Runner Up

Hidden base by Maciek Sikora

Paul commented: Great use of the strengths of VUE, interesting environment!

Honorable Mentions

Being A Star Wars Fan by Adrian Baker

Watching by Gary Capps

Check all entries and the prizes each winner has won!

Star Wars Fan Art Contest - Thousands of Dollars Worth of Prizes

The Force Awakens!

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away..."
The story begins with a light saber that is lying on the desert planet of Jakku just waiting for a mysterious someone to retrieve it. War is still raging in the Galaxy with Star Destroyers and The Millennium Falcon.
It has been 30 years since the Rebel Alliance's victory and some of our old characters are back along with some new ones ready to fight the empire.

"It's true... All of it... The Dark Side, the Jedis... They're real!"

This contest is for all the Star Wars fans out there that want to use their 3D skills and create an image reflecting the wonders of this epic masterpiece.

Judging performed by Industry Legend!

For the first time this contest will be judged by an industry legend rather than the C3D/e-on admins.

Please welcome Paul Huston, Senior Digital Matte Artist at Industrial Light & Magic.

Paul is the only VFX artist who has worked on all 7 Star Wars movies!

Thousands of Dollars Worth of Prizes!

With prizes from Cornucopia3D and e-on software the 3 winners will receive several thousands of dollars worth of prizes altogether.

1st place:
First Runner Up:
Second Runner Up:
VUE xStream 2015
PlantFactory Producer 2015
1 year CClub Membership
VUE Complete 2015
PlantFactory Designer 2015
1 year CClub Membership
VUE Esprit 2015
PlantFactory Artist 2015
1 year CClub Membership

Learn more and enter the competition:

Galactic Civilizations III Game Environments with VUE

"VUE is the tool that helps me refine and execute my visions!"

Christian 'Tigaer' Hecker, Digital Artist.

Please meet Christian 'Tigaer' Hecker, Freelance digital Artist in Germany. In this article, Christian describes his latest work, creating environments for the acclaimed interstellar strategy game Galactic Civilizations III.

Read Christian's interview:

Cornucopia3D Celebrates 10th Anniversary

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes." - Proust

A moment flies by so quickly, one loses track of time. Let us freeze for a second and look back and enjoy the ability to have memories. It has been ten years since Cornucopia3D has come to fruition! This decade of growth is worth celebrating. So much timeless artwork has been posted onto our galleries. The community has grown and created profound, epic, and humorous artwork that has exponentially improved and evolved with the technology. So this October we are going to present an image contest that represents the passage of time in ten years!

What does that mean to you?

How would you represent ten years in one single image?!

Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Prizes!

With prizes from Cornucopia3D, e-on software, Geekatplay, D&D, Didier Vallez, Quadspinner, Eugenia, RealMesh, Walther Beck, Patrick Wojtkowiak, Luigi Marini, Don Webster and Jason Cordero, the 3 winners will receive several hundreds of dollars worth of prizes altogether.

Learn more and enter the competition:

Save up to 50% on over 900 items!

To celebrate Cornucopia3D's 10th anniversary, 10 of Cornucopia3D's top vendors are offering up to 50% on their entire online store!

Check what's on sale:

Bentley Systems Acquires E-on Software

Bentley Systems Acquires E-on Software

Bentley Enlivens Reality Modeling through Acquisition of E-on Software

We are thrilled to announce that e-on software is joining Bentley Systems, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure.

Here's a message from Nicholas Phelps, founder of e-on software:

Dear friends of e-on,

For over 20 years, I have dedicated e-on software to creating and supporting the best digital nature solutions. We have covered a lot of ground since the very first release of VUE as a shareware, in 1995. After ILM picked up VUE for the production of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's chest, VUE rapidly became a must have for the movie industry. Since then, we have focused our efforts on serving the casual artist and the superproduction powerhouse alike, with every release of VUE adding exciting new functionality for all.

Recently, we recognized a growing need among architects and engineers to 'tell their story' in a more compelling way. We responded to this by leveraging our expertise in visual effects and created LumenRT, an easy-to-use product that brings quick, high-quality 'movie production' to the architectural and engineering worlds. 

It is to further this vision of easy-to-use digital nature and visualization solutions that we are joining Bentley Systems. 

Bentley Systems is a fantastic company that shares our passion for technological excellence. E-on software will continue to exist and thrive as one of its subsidiaries. I remain in charge, the entire team is maintained and all our products (VUE, PlantFactory, LumenRT, CloudFactory, Carbon Scatter and Cornucopia3D) will continue to improve and, with your help and the backing of Bentley, rapidly reach exciting new heights.

With this deal, we gain access to a highly qualified user base, substantial resources, and new distribution channels that will allow us to walk boldly into the future and produce ever more powerful visualization technologies and products, putting Hollywood movie quality into the hands of engineers and artists alike, around the world!

The entire team and myself are thrilled to join Bentley Systems to explore and extend these avenues together. This is excellent news for all our users and followers!

With my warmest regards,


Why did Bentley and e-on software merge?

There is a growing need across the portfolio of Bentley applications to add high-fidelity, real-time visualization and powerful natural scenery authoring capabilities which allow users to share projects, designs, and ideas in a more compelling, engaging manner. E-on's leading-edge immersive nature and visualization products will serve as a foundational technology for many exciting new products yet to be announced. With Bentley, e-on gains access to some of the most prestigious customers in the AEC/Infrastructure market providing a solid foundation for growth and investment.

What will happen with the E-on Software brand identity?

E-on software has a very strong brand identity in the DCC/CG market and will continue to remain as a branded identity under Bentley Systems.

How will e-on's products be sold and serviced?

All of e-on's CG products(VUE, PlantFactory, Ozone, and Carbon Scatter)will continue to be sold and serviced directly via the e-on software website. The high-end version of LumenRT, LumenRT GeoDesign will be sold and serviced directly through Bentley, while other versions of LumenRT will be handled by e-on software.

Will Bentley continue to invest and grow the CG business?

Absolutely. Highly realistic visualization is an essential component of our future developments. Remaining competitive in the market space where visualization matters most, i.e. the DCC/CG market, guarantees that our tools will always "stay sharp". This is very good news for the e-on CG communities.

As a customer of e-on CG products, what will change for me?

Nothing. All members of the e-on software team have transitioned over to Bentley, as well as all services (including Cornucopia3D). The only difference is that e-on is now sitting under a solid roof and is very well poised to deliver ever more exciting products and technologies.

I have an e-on software maintenance/subscription agreement for my CG product. How will my benefits be affected?

All benefits associated with your maintenance/subscription agreement remain in full force. Nothing changes in this respect.

Who should I contact to get support for my e-on CG products?

Support for e-on's CG products will continue to be provided through the e-on website.

I have an e-on software maintenance agreement on my LumenRT GeoDesign product, how will support be handled?

All maintenance accounts will be serviced by Bentley SELECT Services support which offers 24x7 support. You can visit the SELECT Services support page here.

Will LumenRT still provide deep integrations to non-Bentley systems such as Autodesk Revit, Esri CityEngine, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, and Trimble Sketchup?

Yes. Integration with non-Bentley products will be maintained, supported and enhanced. We welcome every workflow, no matter which CAD/BIM/GIS tools our customers are using.

When will LumenRT have an interface into the new MicroStation CONNECT Edition product?

LumenRT 2015.5 is already fully integrated with the new MicroStation CONNECT Edition.

If you have any further questions, feel free to join us and post in the Registered User forums.

Read the official Press Release at

Not One - But Two e-on Products Nominated for 2015 CGAward

We are extremely proud: both VUE and LumenRT
are nominated for the 2015 CG Awards!

We would have been excited to be nominated once. We're ecstatic to be nominated twice: VUE xStream 2015 is nominated as Update of the Year and LumenRT 2015 as Innovation of the Year!

To share our excitement with you, we have decided to celebrate with a huge promotion:

Save up to 50% on any e-on product!

Starting today, all our full licenses of VUE, LumenRT, PlantFactory, Carbon Scatter or CloudFactory are 30% off! We are also offering 20% off upgrades!(1)

And you get 50% off the second (and subsequent) if you buy two or more of our products before July 12! This also applies to multiple seats of the same reference.(2)

To take advantage of this offer, simply place your order at the e-on software online store:

This offer will expire on July 12, 2015 July 19, 2015, so don't delay!

If you like this offer, vote for VUE and LumenRT at

(1)This special offer does not apply to the e-on License Server, Network Rendering licenses, Cornucopia3D modules for VUE Artist, and Maintenance extensions.

(2)The 50% discount offer only applies to orders placed from e-on software's online store. All purchases get the standard 30% (resp 20%) discount. Simply send a note to our online feedback center before July 31, 2015 and we will refund the difference between the price you paid and 50% of the cheapest product SRP purchased by you between now and July 12. Refunds will be processed within the 30 days following the end of the offer.

Sochi Winter Olympic Games Opening with VUE

"No other program can boast of flawless capacity to manage billions of polygons, of very convenient realistic lighting tools, of methodologies like EcoSystems, and of many other priceless designer tools!"

Roman Senko, Digital Environment Artist

In this exclusive interview, Roman Senko, a young Russian Digital Environment Artist and Motion Designer, goes behind the scenes of the Sochi Winter Olympic opening sequence that aired during the opening ceremony, and was seen by hundred of millions of people on the planet.

See LumenRT in Action at the Bentley Connection Events

LumenRT will be prominently featured at the upcoming Bentley Connection events being held in 30 cities worldwide from May through September.

At these events users will learn how LumenRT is revolutionizing 3D visualization and communication for Bentley MicroStation applications.

LumenRT is seamlessly integrated with all Bentley MicroStation-based applications and transforms models into fully interactive, nature-filled images, videos, and immersive experiences.

In addition, e-on software is providing additional support as silver partner at the Bentley Connection event in Manchester. If you are an infrastructure user, this is a very worthwhile event to consider as it will allow you to see first-hand how companies are exploiting the power of real-time immersive visualization for competitive advantage.

Save the date: Bentley Connection Event Manchester UK - JUNE 29 - 30, 2015. Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport.

Can't make it to Manchester? The Bentley Connection Event is coming to a city near you!

  • Philadelphia 18-19 May
  • Chicago 19-20 May
  • Oslo 19-20 May
  • Amsterdam 20-21 May
  • Toronto 21-22 May
  • Atlanta 2-3 June
  • Paris 2-3 June
  • Singapore 3-4 June
  • Los Angeles 4-5 June
  • Chennai 9-10 June
  • Milano 9-10 June
  • Prague 10-11 June
  • Houston 16-17 June
  • Madrid 16-17 June
  • Mexico City 23-24 June
  • Manchester 29-30 June
  • Wiesbaden 1-2 July
  • Seoul 14-15 July
  • Tokyo 16-17 July
  • Beijing 6-7 August
  • Johannesburg 18-19 August
  • Brisbane 19-20 August
  • Sao Paulo 25-26 August
  • Calgary 2-3 September
  • Warsaw 29-30 September
  • Helsinki 6-7 October
  • Zhengzhou 15-16 October
  • Dubai Coming Soon
  • Moscow Coming Soon
  • Mumbai Coming Soon

  • Learn more about the Bentley Connection Events here.

    Learn more about LumenRT 2015 at

    30% Off VUE 2015 Esprit, Studio and Complete

    The VUE Esprit, Studio and Complete 2015 introductory sale ends May 3, 2015.

    Save up to 30% on full licenses and 20% on all upgrades from previous versions.


    Special Offers


    Special Offers


    Special Offers

    Other upgrade and sidegrade options are discounted too, including the new upgrade paths from VUE 7 and up! Check the online pricelist for more details.

    CGAwards 2015 - 3 Weeks Left

    The CG Awards 2015 is a celebration of the most amazing CG art and technology that has been created over the past year in the world of animation, VFX and computer hardware.

    There's only 3 weeks left to cast your votes for:

    Cast your votes now!

    While you're there you may also cast votes for other Creative Awards too!

    Cornucopia3D Ice Challenge Winners

    Cornucopia3D is proud to announce the 3 winners for the Cornucopia3D Ice Challenge!

    We would like to thank all sponsors for their generous contribution, and of course, all participants.

    Congratulations to the winners for their truly superb works!

    Ice Challenge Winner

    Icebreaker by Lutz Lehmann

    First Runner Up

    Ice Planet by Simon Zaurrini

    Second Runner Up

    The Polar Bear by John Van den Brempt

    Cornucopia3D Ice Challenge

    Ice Challenge Coming to Cornucopia3D

    Winter's sweet return has come full-force in some parts of the world and Cornucopia3D would like to announce a new competition for those inspired to delve into the realm of ice-cold landscapes.

    Ice is a difficult substance to bring to life in the 3d world, what life can you bring to this silent, slippery, and still material? Will your ice be reflecting something or covered in frosty snow? Will it be the entrance to a cave? Will it be the block of a building, the hat of a Samurai, or a melting plant? We are looking forward to your icy landscapes of wonders.

    Take subsurface scattering to the next level and create an image that will make us shiver with delight.

    Hundreds of Dollars Worth of Prizes!

    With prizes from Cornucopia3D, e-on software and 7 of Cornucopia3D's top vendors, the 3 winners will receive several hundreds of dollars worth of prizes altogether.

    The contest will run from February 16, 2015 to March 16, 2015. Start warming up your computers and cooling down your renders!

    More info: www.cornucopia3d.com/contests.php

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