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VUE Complete - $599.00

for Expert 3D Artists, Graphics Studios, and CG Students

The Complete Digital Nature Solution
VUE Complete provides a complete Digital Nature solution with high-level animation and control features for expert 3D Artists.
VUE Complete includes all 12 additional modules for VUE.

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VUE Studio - $399.00

for Dedicated 3D Artists, Graphics Studios, and CG Students.

The Advanced Digital Nature Application
VUE Studio provides an advanced Digital Nature application with powerful vegetation and rendering features for dedicated 3D Artists.
VUE Studio provides the power of VUE Esprit plus the following five additional modules: Botanica, DeepAccess, EcoSystem, HyperVue and LightTune.

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VUE Esprit - $199.00

for Serious 3D Artists, Poser and DAZ Character Rendering, and CG Students

The Enhanced Digital Nature Application
VUE Esprit provides an enhanced Digital Nature application with extended import and scenery control features for serious 3D Artists.
VUE Esprit adds on top of VUE Pioneer the Content Starter Pack, plus the RenderUP and 3DImport Extra Modules for VUE.

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VUE Pioneer - Free!

for Art Enthusiasts, Beginning 3D Usage, K-12 Students, and Family Fun 3D Coloring Books

Create your own 3D Worlds
VUE Pioneer features scenic nature creation for 3D enthusiasts to easily compose 3D World images and video clips.

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