Which VUE is Best For Me?

All VUE products in the 3D Artist line share similar technologies. They will all let you achieve high quality results. The difference is in ease of use, level of control and integration with other tools.

By adding modules, you will be able to progressively upgrade all the way from Pioneer up to Complete.

VUE Artist Bundles

VUE Esprit, Studio and Complete represent pre-bundled, cost-effective alternatives to the modular approach of Pioneer:

VUE Pioneer VUE Esprit VUE Studio VUE Complete

Free $199.00 $399.00 $599.00
Description Lets 3D-newcomers and casual artists easily create realistic 3D landscapes Serious creative power for 3D artists, with full 3D import capability Extended creative power for advanced 3D Artists Complete natural scenery solution for expert 3D artists and small studios
Core application
Content Starter Pack










Modules for VUE 2016

VUE Pioneer grows with you!

Add optional modules to gradually expand VUE Pioneer's feature set as your proficiency increases. You can go all the way up to VUE Complete - at your own pace!

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 Botanica - $39
Edit your plants and create your very own species.
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 DeepAccess - $39
Advanced scene and asset management.
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 LightTune - $39
Pump up your lighting effects!
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 Zephyr - $39
Add wind effects to your trees and plants.
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 AdvancedGraph - $39
Access the Scene Graph, craft custom shaders, create advanced object interactions.
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 KronosFX - $39
Advanced control for your animations.
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 RenderUp - $69
Create larger, higher quality images.
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 HyperVue - $69
Render up to 5 times faster with network rendering.
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 EcoSystem - $99
Instantly populate your scenes with massive forests, cities or crowds of characters.
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 EcoPainter - $99
Add thousands of trees, buildings or objects to your scenes, with a stroke of your mouse.
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 3DImport - $129
Import objects in all popular 3D formats, and add them to your scenes.
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 Exporter - $149
Export trees, skies, terrains, objects to other 3D applications.

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     Vue 9 Pioneer
Vue 9 Frontier
Vue 9 Esprit
Vue 9 Studio
Vue 9 Complete
Vue 10 Pioneer
Vue 10 Frontier
Vue 10 Esprit
Vue 10 Studio
Vue 10 Complete
Vue 11 Pioneer
Vue 11 Frontier
Vue 11 Esprit
Vue 11 Studio
     Vue 11 Complete
VUE Pioneer 2014
VUE Frontier 2014
VUE Esprit 2014
VUE Studio 2014
VUE Complete 2014
VUE Pioneer 2015
VUE Esprit 2015
VUE Studio 2015
VUE Complete 2015
VUE Pioneer 2016
VUE Esprit 2016
VUE Studio 2016
VUE Complete 2016

Further Information

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VUE Complete is the highest product in the "Products for 3D Artist" line. You can find a comparison of VUE Complete with VUE Infinite here.

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