Frequent Questions    

What is a floating license environment?

With a floating license environment, you can install e-on products on as many computers as you want. The E-on license server hands out licenses on demand.

Example: You are running a studio with 8 computers on a network. There are two artists who use VUE, but they need to access it from any one of the 8 computers. With 2 floating licenses, these artists will be able to run VUE on any two computers at the same time.

With a 1-seat floating license

Can I run the License Server as a service?

Yes, the License server can easily be ran as a service.

What is the controler application made for?

The controler application can be installed on any computer of your network. This application allows you to efficiently monitor and control the License Server application from whererver you are connecting on your network. It is not required to install the controlder on the same computer as the License Server itself.

Do I need the E-on License Server if I want to use an e-on product on both my main computer and, say, my laptop?

No, as the license server hands the licenses only through a physical network, if your laptop is not connected to this network, it would not be able to retrieve any License, and would run in PLE mode.

Do RenderCows require the e-on License Server?

No, it is not necessary to have the E-on License Server in order to use RenderCows. However, if you are working with a Floating License environment, all your RenderCow Packs should be added to the License Server, and not on the VUE application itself.

Can I add licenses to the License Server in several steps?

Yes, you can add new licenses to the License Server as your requirements increase.

I want to work with a Floating License environment. Which serial should I use for installation, and how do I install?

First you need to install the E-on License server on one of the machines (or your own server if you have one). Then you need to add the product License to it, and activate it online. Once the activation is done, verify that your license is displayed as activated in the License server dialog. Next, install VUE on all the machines you want to use in production. When prompted to enter a serial #, enter the one you have received at the end of your order. Finally, at the end of the installation process, select "Floating". VUE should automatically detect the License Server running on the network.

I have installed several batches of licenses on the license server. Can my seats use these licenses without distinction?

Yes. For instance, if you have a total of 10 licenses on your license server, and you installed these licenses in two batches of 5 licenses (batch A installed with serial number VUE##XST-AAAAA, batch B installed with serial number VUE##XST-BBBBB), your seats can use any of these 10 licenses, regardless of the serial number that was used to install the seat (i.e. seats installed with serial VUE##XST-AAAAA can use licenses from batch B, and conversely).

My License Server does not accept my product Licenses, what should I do?

Make sure you are running an up-to-date version of the License Server.

License server update failed with the message 'Unable to locate e-on License Server application file. Please select another folder'

Look in the application folder of the License Server installation, and rename the licenseserver.exe to eonLicenseServer.exe.

My network configuration has several subnets/vlans. I have installed the License Server on a computer in subnet A. My products are installed on subnet B, and fail to connect to the License Server.

This configuration is not supported. All computers (Products & License Server) must be located on the same subnet.