LumenRT 4    

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Win Business through more Engaging Experiences

LumenRT 4 Studio is the most comprehensive system for transforming 3D models and designs into rich, nature-filled videos, images and real-time immersive experiences.

With LumenRT you can:

  • Surround your designs with thousands of plants, vehicles, animals and characters
  • Perform lighting and time of day studies
  • Package designs into immersive LiveCubes™ to share with clients and colleagues
  • Author directly in the leading CAD, CG and GIS systems
  • Do all of this with a single button click nothing to learn!

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The Fusion of Light, Life, Nature and Design

The essence of Immersive Nature is to harmonize the design world with the natural world around us.

Through the fusion of light, life, nature, and design, LumenRT delivers a complete natural environmental context for projects ranging from single-family homes to entire cities and infrastructure.

With features such as wind-animated plants and trees, characters and animals, water, cloud-filled skies, day/night lighting, and unsurpassed quality and realism, LumenRT quickly transforms your models into compelling immersive experiences, videos, and images that will impress clients and colleagues alike.

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Sample real-time LumenRT output

Designed to provide high fidelity visualization with accurately simulated lighting including Global Illumination, shadows and reflections, LumenRT is the ideal solution for:

  • Creating exciting virtual interactive showrooms
  • Demonstrating and sharing design concepts with associates and customers
  • Creating attention-grabbing client presentations
  • Exposing projects in fully real-time photo-realistic 3D

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More Information

For further information on LumenRT, please visit e-on software's official LumenRT website here:

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Sample real-time LumenRT output