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Create, Refine and Export High-Quality Animated 3D Plants!

PlantFactory is a revolutionary 3D vegetation modeling, animation and rendering software, dedicated to the CG, SFX, Architecture and Gaming communities.

With PlantFactory you can:

  • Create any kind of vegetation, from simple grass to super elaborate hero trees
  • Create your vegetation by painting it, assembling simple building blocks, or completely graphing all plant properties
  • Generate procedural geometry and materials of unlimited detail
  • Animate all plant aspects using precise wind and breeze algorithms
  • Export your 3D vegetation to your preferred application as standard .OBJ, .3DS, .C4D, .LWO, .ABC (alembic) or animated .FBX
  • Go back and forth between PlantFactory and ZBrush using the GoZ bridge
  • Render stills and animations for your compositing jobs or for use as billboards
  • Expand your plant library through the TPF Nursery

Learn more here:

Watch the PlantFactory presentation video on Youtube

PlantFactory Versions

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Designer - $495.00

Create Beautiful 3D Plants

Easily produce high-quality, photo-realistic 3D plants: hand-draw from scratch, assemble pre-made components or cust­omize existing models to fit your exact specifications.

Export as static 3D meshes for use in other applications, or load plants directly in VUE, and Carbon Scatter.

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Studio - $995.00

Animated Plants for CG Professionals

Add wind & animation effects and control every detail of your plant designs using the advanced procedural modeling graph.

Export fully animated plant meshes to any 3D application or load plants directly in VUE and Carbon Scatter.

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Producer - $1995.00

The Solution for Production Studios

Author fully animated 3D plants in concert with your production workflow.

With expanded collaboration and compo­siting capabilities, advanced artistic control and dependable productivity, PlantFactory Producer is the perfect solution for demand­ing production studios.

Other Versions

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Artist - $199.00

Plants for VUE Artists

Designed for VUE 2014+ Esprit, Studio or Complete users, this special version of PlantFactory integrates seamlessly with your product and represents the prefect combination of functionality and pricing.

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Exporter - FREE!

Export Plants to Any 3D Application

Get the exact plant species you need from the PlantFactory Nursery, generate vari­ations, adjust global settings and export them as static meshes for use in your other 3D applications.


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Sample PlantFactory tree

This new technology represents the culmination of e-on software's decades of expertise in the field of digital nature and delivers unsurpassed realism and performance.

As a next generation vegetation platform, PlantFactory incorporates four foundational elements:

  • Multi-Platform/Multi-Discipline – operates across all CG platforms including real-time, streaming, and offline rendering systems and caters to the needs of CG, SFX, Landscaping, GeoDesign, Architecture and Gaming communities
  • Botanical Coherency – allows the creation of more botanically accurate plant appearances and behaviors
  • Precise Control – users can create plants of any desired shape, appearance, and behavior using simple building blocks
  • Massive Populations – building on e-on’s leadership in EcoSystems™ to create landscapes containing millions of plants

PlantFactory in Your 3D Application

Plants created using the PlantFactory technology can be exported to any 3D Application using multiple export formats such as FBX, 3DS, OBJ, C4D, LWO, etc. Plants are exported fully rigged, fully textured, with UV maps and displacement, etc. Breeze or wind animated plants can be exported using a fully rigged mesh, or as a cloud of animated vertices (MDD style). That way, you can fine tune the plant animation to your needs, directly inside your preferred application.

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TPF Plant in 3ds Max

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TPF Plant in Maya

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TPF Plant in Modo

PlantFactory to 3ds Max - Using the FBX Import Script


PlantFactory to Maya - Using the FBX Import Script

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More Information

For further information on PlantFactory, please visit e-on software's official PlantFactory website here:

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