Introduce Your Students to the Art of 3D

3D graphics and animation studies are rapidly becoming part of many educational programs, not just in professional institutions, but in high schools and primary schools as well.

E-on products offer a unique blend of ease of use and sophistication, and the three different VUE versions will suit all levels of education, from primary school to academic courses.

Recommended products for education:
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VUE Pioneer

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VUE Infinite

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VUE xStream

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TPF Producer

Note: Due to activation restrictions, VUE Pioneer is not fit for classroom use. If you are a school and want to install VUE in your computer lab, we recomend that you choose a VUE Infinite or VUE xStream Educational License rather than installing VUE Pioneer.

  Highlights for education  
  • 3 different versions of VUE to fit all educational levels (including a free version)
  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Fast learning curve
  • Hundreds of presets for a quick start
  • Classic interface allows a smooth transition towards other 3D software
  • The perfect program to explore and visualize natural phenomena in 3D
  • Used in professional production houses around the world
  • Inexpensive

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Created by Tish, 12 years old

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Created by Thomas, 16 years old

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Primary School Level
VUE Pioneer
High School and Academic Level
VUE / PlantFactory
Authorized Training Center Program

VUE Pioneer is loaded with hundreds of ready-made scenes, objects, plants, atmospheres and materials. Children can quickly learn how to create simple scenes, in a playful and fun way, without ever having to cope with complex procedures. With VUE Pioneer, teachers and children alike can easily make visual presentations for nature and geography studies, or simply create beautiful, colorful art!

VUE and PlantFactory are used by leading production facilities around the world (ILM, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Weta Digital, Dreamworks, to name but a few). 3D graphics student will be introduced to a powerful and unique software that complements major 3D applications by offering advanced natural scenery creation and animation capabilities, using revolutionary techniques.

  VUE Infinite at the Nossi College of Art  

"VUE Infinite is a software package that could well innovate the way you teach graphic and advertising design at your college."

"What truly makes VUE Infinite amazing for a teaching environment is the ease in which students can learn to navigate and design exciting, high-quality scenes."

"Over a fifteen week period, my students learned not only how to manipulate and set up intricate 3D environments, they were able to incorporate the work they did in their Advanced Graphic Design course to build a full animation that showcased their product.

Richard Schrand - Computer Department Chair at Nossi College of Art.


*If you wish to equip an institution with our products, please get in touch with our sales staff for additional discounts and volume pricing.