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Animating Natural Environments in a Breeze…

Imagine a forest, with trees realistically swaying in the wind. Not 10 or 50 or 100 trees. A real forest, with hundreds of thousands of animated trees...

Imagine an airplane flying at high speed over a gorgeous range of mountains and canyons, dotted with rocks and plants. A terrain that stretches on and on, seemingly endless, yet always detailed and realistic…

How long will it take you to create, set up and animate such sequences in your 3D application?

VUE lets you do all this in a breeze. It offers a dedicated toolset that’s specifically designed to handle extremely complex, high-poly natural 3D environments.

Choose either Infinite, the stand-alone version with professional compositing and synchronization tools, or xStream, the integrated solution, which lets you create and animate VUE environments directly inside 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, Cinema 4D and Softimage.

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VUE xStream

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Carbon Scatter

  Highlights for Animators  
  • All SolidGrowth™ and PlantFactory plants can be animated – wind, breeze, fluttering leaves, growth and decay
  • Ventilators for local animated wind effects
  • EcoSystems™ – populate scenes with millions of plants, rocks and objects in one click
  • Breeze animation can be applied to entire EcoSystems
  • Inetracively paint EcoSystems
  • SolidGrowth4 - flicker-free rendering of dense vegetation
  • Spectral atmospheres - all atmospheric elements and volumetric clouds can be animated
  • Procedural and HeightField terrains – LOD is dynamically updated according to distance from camera
  • Full keyframe animation with adjustable time-curves, tangents and interpolation
  • Motion designer – quick path-based animation with automatic secondary motion
  • Automatic baking of indirect illumination
  • 2.5D fast motion blur and DOF
  • Network rendering, stand-alone renderer, remote rendering for renderfarms
  • G-buffer and multi-pass rendering
  • Full intergation with 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, C4D and Softimage (xStream only)

Tools for Animating 3D Nature

The EcoSystem revolution

Instantly populate your scenes with hundreds of thousands of wind-swept plants, rocks, objects or animated meshes. Interactively paint, erase and modify EcoSystems.

Plant animation

Animate SolidGrowth plants with breeze and wind, globally or per-plant. Breeze settings include random pulsations, gusts of wind and fluttering of leaves. Add omni and directional ventilators for local wind effects.

Infinite detail

Procedural terrains can be stretched to any size, yet display an unlimited level of detail. More detail is dynamically added closer to the camera.

Animated atmospheres

Animate all atmospheric elements (shifting volumetric clouds, twinkling stars, fog, haze, sunlight, etc…). Spectral atmospheres automatically react to the position of the sun, for ultra-realistic sunsets and time lapse animations.

Standard keyframing and motion design

Use standard animation tools like automatic or manual keyframing, time curves, move/copy/paste keyframes, tangents & interpolation, look-at constraints and ease in/out.

The Motion Designer automates the animation process for various types of vehicles by accurately following terrain elevations and adding secondary motion like spin, bank and vibration.

High-end rendering power

Light your animations with area lights, GI, radiosity and HDR image-based lighting. Speed-up render times with illumination baking, fast soft shadows, 2.5D motion blur and full network rendering.

Professional compositing tools

Export G-buffer renders as RLA or RPF for video compositing. Produce multi-pass renders in PDF format. Synchronize cameras and lights with major 3D applications.

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VUE xStream - the Integrated Solution

With VUE xStream, you can create, edit and render complete, fully animated VUE scenes directly in 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave, C4D and Softimage. This is the most streamlined and effective solution for animators.


  VUE for Discovery Channel  

Darkside Animation, a UK based SFX studio, was commissioned to recreate an animated sequence for a High Definition special called "Volcano Fire and Ice", a co-production between Mentorn and The Discovery Channel.

Darkside created a digital landscape with VUE 5 Infinite and used LightWave to integrate digital smoke in the footage.

“Vue is an awesome software! So much detail can be created in just a few mouse clicks and then altered quickly. You can't help but smile with so much power at your disposal!”

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