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Edit your plants and create your very own species

With Botanica, you can truly take advantage of e-onís SolidGrowth technology and become a virtual gardener! Grow your own realistic or imaginary plants, use your own scans and photographs as textures for trunks, stems and leaves, and watch your new species diversify SolidGrowth-style!

The Vue 11 Botanica module is an optional module for Vue Pioneer, Vue 11 Frontier, and Vue 11 Esprit. It is part of Vue 11 Studio and Vue 11 Complete.

The Plant Editor

Botanica's plant editor lets you easily customize any SolidGrowth plant (from the Vue library or from Cornucopia3D) to create your own, unique plant species.

You can adjust the settings for the entire plant, or work on individual subsets of the plant (trunk, branches leaves...). Textures for any subset can be edited or replaced, so you can use your own pictures and scans to create new realistic leaves and trunks.

Once you save your newly created species, it behaves just like any SolidGrowth plant:

Every generated copy will look slightly different, yet the overall characteristics of the species will be preserved!

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Plant Editor Animation

Any parameter in the plant editor can be keyframed, so you can create animated effects such as plant growth and decay, or plant morphing!

Complete Feature List

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  • Easy-to-use plant editor for plant customization
  • Plant Editor and Leaf Editor let you modify existing plants or create entirely new plant species
  • Easily create custom leaves using your own textures
  • Modify the length, falloff, gnarl, diameter, droop and angle of trunk and branch subsets
  • Change length, width, randomness, flexibility, curl and overall color of entire leaf subsets
  • Instantly create variations of existing plants
  • Save new species and re-load them for use in other scenes
  • Plant geometry keyframing for spectacular animated lifecycles and morphing
  • High definition OpenGL preview of plants in editor
  • Preview-Render plants in editor

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This module is only available from the Cornucopia3D store.
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