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A spline is a new editable object that can be used for EcoSystem effects, terrain effects, roads and object creation. The spline is created by defining points that are joined to create the shape.

VUE includes a comprehensive spline toolkit that allows you to add, delete or move spline points, configure tangents, apply various effects such as EcoSystem effects or Geometry effects, and more. Vue's splines can also be automatically aligned at the surface of terrains.

EcoSystem Effects

Use EcoSystem effects to populate EcoSystems along a spline and in the area defined by a spline. You can also use a spline as an EcoSystem mask to erase other EcoSystem instances.

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Using splines to create geometry

Geometry Effect

Use Geometry effects to extrude a defined geometry along a spline. The spline editor gives you access to several geometry properties such as profile presets, profile dimensions, profile dimension ratio along the spline, material, twist (mode and limit), and more...

Terrain Effect

Use Terrain Effects to engrave or emboss the surface of a terrain following a predefined path. This feature is particularly usefull to create road beds or raised highways.

Automatic Path Finding

The new spline tool includes an automatic path finder that calculates the optimum route in between your spline keys based on a realistic slope. The distance in between each new spline key is user definable. The automatic path finder tool is ideal to create twisting roads on a mountain slope for instance, or more generally to create roads that would realistically be suitable for vehicles or pedestrians.

Spline Import

You can import a 2D vector graphic file to create VUE splines. If the file defines multiple curves, VUE will automatically add multiple splines.

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Road Tools

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Based on the brand new Spline technology, VUE Infinite 2016 offers a built in Road construction tool that allows you to directly draw a road path on your terrains. The resulting spline is automatically textured with an asphalt material, and carves or raises the terrain surface to adjust it to your path.

VUE Infinite 2016 also ships with specific spline content composed of 3 predefined spline-based materials (road, train track, and track support structure), 2 python programs for adjusting splines (to lay flat on terrains), and tutorial files showing how to use splines to carve tunnels and create a railroad track.

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Rock Your World

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Standalone Rocks

VUE Infinite 2016 features a library of dynamic rock templates that can be used to instantly create single rocks, groups of rocks, or use them in EcoSystems. Each time you create a rock from a template, a new and unique variation will be generated.

Rock EcoSystems

You can use the new rock technology to populate your EcoSystems or interactively scatter rocks into your scenes. Simply add new rock templates to your EcoSystem or EcoPainter tools by drag-dropping the rock templates to your EcoSystem population list.

For added realism, each rock type used in an EcoSystem automatically generates variations - just like e-on's SolidGrowth plants!

New Parametric Rock Materials

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These new dynamic rock templates contain unique, parametrically defined materials that are completely user controllable. Color, bump, highlights, and EcoSystem variations are easily adjustable to create any desired appearance.

HyperBlob Technology

HyperBlobs are ideal for the creation of extremely rich and detailed rock formations.

The HyperBlob technology lets you convert HyperTextured MetaBlobs into polygon meshes, retaining the full accuracy and detail of the HyperTexture. The polygon mesh can be subsequently displaced using standard displacement algorithms.

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Rock Convexity

Rock Convexity

In nature, parts of the rocks that are on the outside will be more exposed to external factors such as weathering. Thanks to the new Rock Convexity node, you can now change the look of the rocks based on their actual geometry, for instance to create dirty insets or polished edges.

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Realistic Water

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The Water Surface Editor lets you easily control the look of your water surfaces.

The editor provides an easy-to-use interface that controls a complex function graph to easily switch from still water to stormy weather, complete with foam at the tip of the waves. The editor offers either a global slider, or a set of parameters to control the water surface more accurately.

You can further customize the look of your water using the Water Surface Editor-compatible MetaWater materials.

Physical Water

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Physical water adds absorption and scattering parameters to allow for realistic light absorption in the body of water.

Light now interacts accurately with ocean waves to produce realistic underwater caustics: underwater light will be more concentrated in some areas, while other areas receive less light. The deeper you go, the darker it gest - as in the real world!

For added artistic control, you can adjust the focusing of caustics so that they appear at their maximum sharpness at a specific depth.

Visible shafts of underwater light can also be created very easily.

Custom Fog and Clouds using MetaClouds

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MetaClouds are stand-alone clouds that can be moved around, scaled, rotated and modified.

VUE includes a library of preset MetaCloud shapes. MetaClouds are procedurally generated, so even if you use several copies of the same preset, each will be uniquely different.

You can modify the shape of MetaClouds by hand, and even animate the different parts of the cloud. By combining several MetaClouds you can easily create elaborate cloud formations.

Add Celestial Stars and Planets

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Planets can be added by using the VUE Planet object which contains a variety of celestial bodies and allows you to adjust the phase and brightness of the Planet in the sky.

Add stars and ice rings using the atmosphere editor to create stunning celestial skies.

VUE lets you load custom “deep space” maps as an alternative to the standard VUE stars.

Create Your Own Natural Elements and Objects

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In addition to plant and terrain modeling, VUE offers the following modeling tools:

  • A comprehensive 3D text editor with custom bevels and extrudes, up to 8 textures per character, and vector data import.
  • Non-destructive Boolean modeling with complete real-time control and preview of all operators.
  • Organic Metablob modeling that works with all primitive types.
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