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Import objects in all popular 3D formats, and add them to your scenes

Import fully textured objects in all popular 3D formats, and add them to your scenes. Integrate and animate Poser characters and render them using the Poser shader tree.

The 3DImport module is an optional module for VUE Pioneer. It is part of VUE Esprit 2016, VUE Studio 2016 and VUE Complete 2016.

Import Filters

Import 3D content from almost any program. 3D Import’s advanced import filters will retain a maximum of texturing and mapping information so that your models can be readily used.

VUE Pioneer supports the open-standard Collada file format and is able to import Collada objects with full texturing information as well as animation information. 3D Import also adds support for Collada rigged meshes. Collada IK information will automatically be imported when converting characters to VUE's rigged mesh format! And finally, 3D Import will add support for morph targets with DAZ collada files.

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Poser Import

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Import complete animated Poser scenes with full support of Poser's dynamic hair and cloth engines, enhance them with Dynamic Motion Reaction™ technology, and then render your animations using high-end features such as GI, radiosity, image-based lighting and subsurface scattering.

3DImport adds support for multiple Poser import SDKs to VUE Pioneer for improved Poser compatibility (up to Smith Micro's Poser Pro 2014 SDKs).

Re-Posing Inside VUE

As a Poser-VUE artist, you want the quickest, easiest way to work with both programs. Now there’s no need to go back and forth between Poser and VUE - any figure exported from Poser can be re-posed directly inside Vue!

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Using the familiar Poser dials, you can easily adjust the pose to fit the character into the VUE environment: Place a character’s foot on a rock, place a hand on a tree trunk, tweak the posture to better fit the camera angle or lighting…

Rendering Using the Poser Shader Tree

Importing Poser characters into VUE means that the original Poser materials need to be converted into VUE materials. This inevitably means that many shaders loose their original characteristics in the conversion process.

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To overcome this limitation, e-on software and Smith Micro have developed an advanced bridging technology that enables VUE to use Poser’s internal shader tree when rendering Poser materials.

This technology ensures Poser characters will have the same look inside VUE as they had in Poser, and makes it easier to achieve the perfect results when rendering Poser characters inside VUE.*

3D Import adds an option to limit the resolution of your character's bitmaps during import to limit memory usage, when large bitmaps are not necessary.

3D Import Filters

3DS: 3D Studio™ object file format.

3DMF: 3D Metafile object file format.

COB: TrueSpace™ object file format.

DAE: Collada rigged and animated object file format.

DTED, SDTS/DDF, GeoTIFF, DEM: Terrains are placed according to information in the file (ideal for importing multi-part DEMs).

DXF: AutoCad™ object file format.

LWO, LWO2: LightWave™ object file format.

OBJ: Wavefront™ object file format (with automatic MTL library conversion).

PZ3, PZZ: Smith Micro Poser® static/animated scene import (requires Poser 7 to Poser Pro 2014).

RAW: Raw geometry file format.

SHD: Shade™ object file format.

TGA: 16 bit RG encoded Targa altitude map.

WML: VRML object file format.

Wherever applicable, object file formats are converted together with UV mapping information and texture maps.

  Please note:  

* Animated Poser meshes, re-posed characters and rendering using the Poser shader tree all require handling by Poser inside VUE. The memory requirements are at least twice as large as for a simple import. These advanced features are optional, and should be used with care, especially when importing a large number of Poser meshes or a very complex scene.


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