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Add thousands of trees, buildings or objects to your scenes, with a stroke of your mouse

The revolutionary Ecosystem has given birth to an equally revolutionary engine: EcoPainter! EcoPainter is everything you need to accurately and interactively spread and control your EcoSystem populations using your mouse or pressure sensitive tablet.

The EcoPainter module is an optional module for VUE Pioneer, VUE Esprit 2016 and VUE Studio 2016. It is part of VUE Complete 2016.

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The EcoSystem painter lets you interactively paint Ecosystems over any surface (or group of surfaces). It can be used for editing EcoSystem materials, or as a stand-alone tool. The latter option means you can paint EcoSystems on the fly, without the need to create an EcoSystem material first. Painting can be performed with a mouse or with a tablet, which gives you the ability to control additional parameters through pressure.

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You can paint over any number of selected objects, even the entire scene. While you paint in any view, the instances are automatically dropped and aligned to the surface. You can paint a mix of all the items in your population list, or paint any single item separately. Brush strokes can be undone at any time, or you can clear the whole EcoSystem for a fresh start.

The EcoSystem painter features 4 different painting tools:

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  • The Single Instance Tool

    This tool turbo-charges the process of placing individual plants, rocks or other objects in your scene. There’s no more need to add a tree to the scene, move it to the desired place, then drop it to the ground. Simply point and click, and a new tree is created in that spot, and is automatically dropped to the surface. Of course, when using SolidGrowth plants, each new click generates a different instance.

  • The Brush Tool

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    The brush tool lets you paint complete EcoSystems over the surface, in an intuitive and precise way. You can set the brush radius, size and density parameters, or use a pressure-sensitive tablet to control them as you paint (e.g. press harder to create larger instances). The brush tool can also be used in paintbrush mode (holding the mouse button down adds more instances).

  • The Eraser Tool

    Exactly the opposite of the brush tool, the eraser tool lets you paint-remove instances to create forest or jungle clearings, or to modify the placement of instances. You can choose to erase instances of a specific item from the population list, leaving the other items intact.

  • The Coloring/Scaling Tool

    Use this tool to interactively modify the size and/or colors of an EcoSystem. Like the brush and eraser tools, you can choose to affect only specific items or everything together. All changes you make are updated in real time in the display windows.

The Instance Selector

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The instance selector lets you select or deselect instances by painting over the EcoSystem with a brush. Multiple selection sets can be saved and re-loaded at any time. Selected instances can be manipulated directly using the standard tools.

You can also convert instances into real objects, modify them, and then put them back into the EcoSystem later if required.

The New EcoPainter

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The EcoSystem Painter (EcoPainter) is completely redesigned to allow even more control and flexibility.

You can now create your own brushes using a combination of effectors. For instance, brushes that will resize and align instances at the same time.

There are a number of new brush effects to boot, including the ability to lean or rotate instances, raise or lower them, move them around, etc.

Customizable EcoPainter Brushes

Like the brushes in the Terrain Editor, each EcoPainter brush now has its own dialog that displays all of the parameters that can be adjusted.

If you want to display a specific brush parameter directly in the main EcoPainter dialog, you can do so with a click on the corresponding Publish icon.

Integrated Selection Tool

The EcoSystem Selection tool is now part of the EcoPainter. You can now use the selection function to define the instances to work with, directly in the EcoSystem Painter dialog.

Spline EcoSystem Effects

Using splines for EcoSystems

A spline is a new editable object that can be used for EcoSystem effects, terrain effects, roads and object creation. The spline is created by defining points that are joined to create the shape.

Thanks to the EcoPainter and the EcoSystem module for VUE, you can use EcoSystem effects to populate EcoSystems along a spline and in the area defined by a spline. You can also use a spline as an EcoSystem mask to erase other EcoSystem instances.

Complete Feature List

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  • Paint instances directly onto objects
  • Select individual instances or groups of instances and add/move/remove/rotate/resize them interactively
  • Paint size, color or density of EcoSystems using a pressure sensitive tablet
  • Convert EcoSystem instances to real objects for editing, move them back to the EcoSystem later
  • Paint EcoSystems as individual material layers or on a global basis
  • Paint EcoSystems using standard EcoSystem population rules
  • Adjust the population rules of the Global EcoSystem
  • Paint EcoSystems from all sides, in any view
  • Global EcoSystem is visible as proxy object in World Browser
  • Select and delete Global EcoSystem instances with one click
  • EcoSystems can be populated along a spline. (Also requires EcoSystem)
  • Areas defined by Splines can be populated with EcoSystems. (Also requires EcoSystem)
  • Splines can be used as EcoSystem masks. (Also requires EcoSystem)
  • Rock library availble directly in the EcoSystem population list
  • Rock library availble directly in the Ecopainter tool
  • EcoPainter dialog can now be folded to a more compact version
  • EcoSystem stacking is accessible from the EcoPainter
  • Invert the EcoSystem selection by a simple click of a button
  • EcoPainter settings (brush size, flow etc...) can be set on a per material basis
  • Instances color can be reverted directly from the EcoPainter dialog
  • Create your own EcoPainter brushes using a combination of Effectors
  • EcoSystem effectors brush collection (lean, rotate, raise, lower, move etc.)
  • Standalone EcoPainter brush editor dialog
  • Publish specific EcoPainter brush parameters directly to the main EcoPainter dialog
  • EcoSystem Selection tool directly available in the EcoPainter tool
  • Stack EcoSystem instances on top of each other
  • Maximum number of stacked instances is user definable
  • VOB files created from a Dynamic Rock or a SolidGrowth plant will automatically generate variations when used in an EcoSystem
  • EcoSystem instances can be aligned dynamically along the spline direction (Also requires EcoSystem)
  • Control EcoSystem spline instances' orientation and variability (Also requires EcoSystem)
  • Quality setting in the EcoSystem Painter when using Plant Factory vegetation
  • Integrated Plant Factory quality setting helps optimize rendering time and system memory resources
  • Optimize EcoPainter dialog display using unfoldable sections
  • 20 EcoPainter brush tool presets
  • Rotate EcoSystem Brush effector
  • Select the number of PlantFactory plant variations to be used in your EcoSystem populations
  • Select specific PlantFactory plant variations to be used in your EcoSystem populations
  • Optimize memory consumption by using baked (static or dynamic) versions of PlantFactory species for your EcoSystem populations
  • Select individual pre-defined PlantFactory 2016+ species variations within the Plant Editor (Also requires Botanica)
  • Set multiple Global EcoSystem layers
  • Save Global EcoSystems as EcoSystem brush presets
  • 12 Global EcoSystem brush presets included in content
  • Use EcoPainter brush preset populations in your standard EcoSystem materials
  • Convert referenced assets in the scene to EcoSystem Instances to efficiently save memory
  • Resize the EcoPainter Dialog

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The creation of EcoSystem materials is not included in this module. If you wish to create and edit EcoSystem materials, with full layer interaction, please consider getting the EcoSystem module - read more here.

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This module is only available from the Cornucopia3D store.
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