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Render up to 5 times faster with network rendering

Create your own render farm!

Dramatically cut down render times with hybrid distributed network rendering over up to 5 computers. Easily set up and manage the render network with SmartCow™ and NewCow™ technologies.

The HyperVue module is an optional module for VUE Pioneer and VUE Esprit 2016. It is part of VUE Studio 2016 and VUE Complete 2016.

Create Your Own Render Farm

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HyperVue™ lets you easily chain together several computers to form what is known as a render farm. You can use both PCs and Macs mixed together.

Each computer in your render farm will render a different frame of the animation, or part of the still. So if you have, say, three computers (of equivalent power) on your render farm, renders will be performed up to three times faster!

Setting Up the Farm

You don’t have to be a tech geek to set up and use HyperVUE. Setting up the render farm is truly easy! Simply install a RenderCow™ (VUE's stand-alone multi-processor rendering engine) onto each computer, and start milking CPU cycles!

With HyperVue, you can use up to 5 computers!

New Cows and Smart Cows

If you happen to install a new RenderCow (for instance, if you just added a new computer to your render farm) you won’t need to update and re-configure your settings:

Thanks to e-on’s NewCow technology, this is all done automatically!

The unique SmartCow™ technology lets you turn RenderCows on and off while jobs are running, and even detects when a new Cow is turned on (on Mac only).

Interactive Network Rendering

Interactive Network Rendering makes network rendering totally transparent!

When using this mode, rendering in VUE starts normally, without any delay. Then, while VUE is rendering, the Interactive Network Rendering controller silently contacts all the render nodes on your network and puts them to work on your scene. This happens in the background while your main computer continues rendering. As the other computers on your network start pitching in, the rendering accelerates, but you never have to suffer any waiting or slowdown!

Interactive Network Rendering

Advanced Caching Technology

Interactive Network Rendering is powered by an advanced caching technology that minimizes traffic on your network. Thanks to this caching technology, subsequent renders can start much faster.

Complete Feature List

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  • Fail-safe HyperVUE network rendering
  • Network rendering of animations
  • Network rendering of still images
  • Interactive Network Rendering
  • Advanced Caching technology to optimize responsiveness of network rendering
  • Render across hybrid (PC/Mac) networks
  • NewCow™ automatic updating of render nodes
  • SmartCow™ automatic node detection and activation
  • Add/remove nodes during render
  • Automatic renaming of Standalone - and HyperVUE -generated frames if overwriting
  • Up to five render nodes
  • Rendercows can be paused directly from the tray icon
  • Rendercow CPU affinity is automatically synchronized with the Windows task manager

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This module is only available from the Cornucopia3D store.
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You can download the RenderCow installers on the software update page.