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Pump up your lighting effects!

For some artists, lighting is the most crucial aspect in their art. If you share this notion, you should get LightTune. This expansion module gives you access to e-on’s most advanced lighting technologies, with greater control and versatility. Light up your art with LightTune!

The LightTune module is an optional module for VUE Pioneer and VUE Esprit 2016. It is part of VUE Studio 2016 and VUE Complete 2016.

Advanced Lighting Tools

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The influence editor

Selective Light Influence

Once you start using selective lighting, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. By specifying which light affects which object, you gain perfect control over the lighting of your scene.

The influence editor lets you specify, for each light, which objects it will affect. You can also specify whether a particular light affects only the diffuse or specular elements. For instance, you can use one light source to light the scene, a different one to create specular highlights, and a third one to emphasize a specific object!

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The shadow editor

AccuShadows™ Soft Shadow Mapping

While ray-traced soft shadows in VUE produce very accurate results, they still take time to calculate. Shadow mapping is alternative approach that can render extremely smooth soft shadows in a fraction of the time.

Shadow mapping gives you a much greater control over the quality/render time ratio. You can precisely set the size and quality of shadow maps, as well as the amount of shadow dispersion and softness type.

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The attenuation editor

Attenuation and Color Graphs

All real-world lights fade away over distance. While VUE provides only linear and quadratic attenuations, LightTune lets you precisely define complex attenuation profiles using interactive graphs!

In addition, you can use these graphs to change the light color over distance. With volumetric effects turned on, you can produce some mind-boggling special effects!

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Spotlight See-Through

Want to aim your spots just like stage light designers do? Using the spotlight see-through option, you can see your scene from the spotlight’s “point of view”, while you use the camera trackball controls to aim it precisely where you want!

Complete Feature List

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  • Indirect lighting can be ignored on specific objects
  • Influence of specific lights can be ignored from the Radiosity solution
  • Enable diffuse and highlight on a per-light basis
  • Custom light intensity vs. distance profiles
  • Lights can affect specific objects only
  • Variable light color based on distance to light
  • Per-light adjustment of the quality of soft shadows
  • Lens flare reflections editor
  • AccuShadows™ shadow mapping technology for faster soft shadows
  • Spotlight view through for accurate aiming (OpenGL only)
  • Assign lights to certain objects only
  • Custom light attenuation profiles
  • Automatic or manual shadow map resolution setting
  • Adjustable bias and sampling boost
  • Advanced shadow map dispersion options
  • Unique infinite light shadow mapping technology
  • Aim your spotlights using standard camera controls
  • Shadow parameters (cast shadows, receive shadows, only shadow, etc ...) can be controlled per-object.

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