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Add wind effects to your trees and plants

Discover another dimension in animation realism: wind! Create entire forests with millions of animated windswept trees, add per-plant wind effects or blow on groups of plants using animatable ventilators!

The Zephyr module is an optional module for VUE Pioneer, VUE Esprit 2016 and VUE Studio 2016. It is part of VUE Complete 2016.

Wind Animation

With the Zephyr module, wind can affect SolidGrowth plants and EcoSystems. Wind and breeze can be applied globally, per-plant, or by using one of the new wind generators.

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Global Wind and Breeze

Global wind is controlled from the atmosphere editor, and is applied to all SolidGrowth plants and EcoSystems within a scene. Since each SolidGrowth species reacts to wind in its own unique way (i.e. thick trees move less than thin grass), global wind can add a tremendous amount of realistic movement to natural scenery, ranging from delicate fluttering of leaves to strong bending in violent gusts.

Individual per-Plant Wind

Each SolidGrowth plant (or group of plants) can have its own individual wind animation. The wind arrow lets you interactively control wind direction and intensity, and view the plantís reaction in real time. The movement of the wind arrow can be animated, giving you the ability to create precisely timed wind effects.

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Directional and Omni Ventilators

These two wind generators greatly enhance the ability to create localized wind effects that can be linked to the movement of other objects in the scene. While the omni ventilator blows wind from a single point to all directions (just like a point light), the directional ventilator is limited by a spread cone (just like a spotlight).

Ventilators can affect single plants, groups of plants, or complete EcoSystems.

Both ventilator types can also be reversed to become "attractors". Ventilators can freely move around the scene, or be attached to other animated objects. All of the wind generator's parameters can be animated as well, allowing for a wide scope of possible effects.

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Complete Feature List

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  • Create forests of trees blowing in the wind
  • Automatic simulation of breeze on plants
  • Strong wind effects defined on individual plants or groups of plants
  • Advanced breeze customization with OpenGL preview
  • Animated wind intensity and direction
  • Omni and directional ventilators for local modifications of plants
  • Ventilators can be made to influence EcoSystems
  • EcoParticles can be influenced by external influences (wind, gravity etc.) (Also requires EcoSystem and KronosFX)

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