Vue 4 Download Version

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Now is the time to set your hands on Vue, the leading solution for the creation, animation and rendering of realistic 3D scenery!

With Vue 4, you can:

  • Put together convincing 3D enviroments in no time!
  • Create gorgeous atmospheres, carve mountains!
  • Grow breathtakingly realistic 3D vegetation!
  • Import fully textured models (incl. Poser PZ3 and PZZ)!
  • Animate your scenes using automatic animation technology!
  • Render high quality still or animations!

    Now is Your Chance to discover why Vue has become the Leading Landscape Application on the market!

    Find out how Vue can Complement Your Toolkit and Benefit Your Creativity!

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    What Do You Get?

    The Vue 4 Download Version is fully functional. A PDF version of the 340+ page English User Guide is included in the download, together with extensive collections of presets including:

  • over 300 materials (rocks, liquids, glass, metals...),
  • over 100 magnificient atmospheres (sunny days, bad weather, sunsets, night time, unusual effects...),
  • over 100 cloud shapes,
  • over 30 SolidGrowth(tm) plants...

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    You can also download a complete collection of over 250 high quality, fully textured 3D models as well as over 75 magnificient scenes created by some of the best Vue artists around to learn from (sold separately).

    Please note that File size is around 80MB, and that you will receive your serial number only AFTER your payment is authorized! (Usually around 24 hours in the busyness week).

    Vue 4 received the "Best of Show" award at MacWorld exhibition in San Francisco and was featured during Steve Jobs' Apple Expo 2002 Keynotes. All in all, this amazing product reveived over 70 awards from the specialized press!
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