Special Offer for Mac OS X Users

Through June 30, 2003, e-on software is offering a special pricing on Vue d'Esprit 4 exclusively to owners of Mac OS X.

OS X users, this is your chance to get Vue d'Esprit 4 for only $149!

That's a valuable $50 savings off the regular price!

Vue 4 is Native OS X, it's for you, it's packed with fantastic features and it's available at this great price only for a short time.

See what Vue can bring to your OS X environment, order your copy now!

This offer is also available to our European customers.

  "In response to the recent reports of Corel Corporation's discontinuance of Bryce for Macintosh, we want to reassure Macintosh users that e-on software is committed to supporting and developing current and future products for the Macintosh platform, especially Vue d'Esprit"
Nicholas Phelps, president of e-on software.

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Vue d'Esprit Featured in Apple Expo Keynote!

Vue d'Esprit 4 for Mac OS X premiered at Macworld 2002
in San Francisco, where it received a Best of Show award. Being showcased in the Apple Expo Keynote Address acknowledges e-on software as one of the leading 3D developers on Mac!
Don't wait, June 30 is just around the corner! Get your copy of Vue 4 now, and save $50!

Vue d'Esprit is e-on software's award-winning, complete 3D studio to create, render and animate ultra-realistic 3D natural scenery.

Vue 4 is available both for Windows and Mac OS X.

Combining incredible ease of use with the underlying power of a high quality renderer, support for all major import formats and compositing, you can grow photo-realistic masterpieces in minutes.

The full version of Vue 4 comes with 2 CDs, bursting with 30 SolidGrowth 2™ trees and plants, over 100 atmospheres, 100 different types of clouds, 300 materials, 250 high quality fully textured 3D objects and over 50 example scenes made by Vue master artists. A 360-page manual is also included.

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Image by T. Krahn created and rendered with Vue d'Esprit 4  

Mover 4 is designed for Vue d'Esprit 4 users with a desire to transform their "gob-smackingly beautiful"* scenes into ultra-realistic 3D movies featuring fully animated digital characters!
*Computer Arts Magazine

With Mover 4 you can import complete Poser animations, enhance them with Dynamic Motion Reaction™ technology and new motion effects, and then render your creation over a network.

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Sample animation showing a Poser 4 dragon animation imported and
rendered in Vue d'Esprit 4/Mover 4 (animation by Phoul)