Vue 6 Infinite Preview    

Vue 6 marks e-on's continued commitment to providing cutting-edge 3D environment solutions. It will provide more power, improved workflow and increased productivity.

Vue 6 is based on an entirely redesigned internal architecture, and will provide enhanced functionality in all aspects of the program. From animation and rendering through atmospheres and clouds to EcoSystems Generation II.

Vue 6 will be unveiled at this year’s Siggraph in Boston. Stay tuned for more information and details soon.

The entire Vue 6 product line (xStream, Infinite, Pro Studio, Esprit and Easel) will be released later this year.

  Early Bird Preview  
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  • QuickTime version (640x272 - 12MB) (requires free QuickTime 7 player)

  • 30" early-bird preview entirely created and rendered using a pre-beta version of Vue 6 Infinite.

    Vue 6 Is Released!

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