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Get inspired by the tutorials, making-of or interviews published byCornucopia3D, e-on software's online community for 3D artists. Each week, the Cornucopia3D Focus brings fresh artwork or stunning artists into the limelight. Don't miss this weekly rendez-vous!

Mark Rabenhorst:
Published: 2016-01-29

We would like to introduce Mark Rabenhorst, a passionate and driven young artist from Baltimore, Maryland. Mark is a software developer and a geospatial analyst for an international mapping company...

Hidetosi Kasugai:
Published: 2016-01-15

We would like to warmly thank Hidetosi Kasugai for sharing a little bit of his story with us. He is an exceptional 3D artist who has continually posted breathtaking, whimsical scenes in the Cornuco...

Oleg Sukonnikov:
Published: 2015-11-30

We are happy to introduce a unique long-term user of Vue, Oleg Sukonnikov. Oleg has done amazing work in landscapes and seascapes. He is a geodetics engineer, for whom Vue helped to fulfill his l...

Steven Lees-Smith:
Published: 2015-11-20

"Before I start any piece I look around for inspiration, whether that be landscape photography, a scene from a movie or just a memory from somewhere I have been. I always like to start with a roug...

Elke Bassler:
Published: 2015-10-30

This picture is an illustration of the fairy tale the Little Red Riding Hood created by Elke Bassler. Read the making of and enjoy!

A.W.J.M. van der Borght:
Published: 2015-09-18

Each month, Cornucopia3D is turning the spotlight on a member of the Vue community. This picture is a result of experimenting, inspired by Dax Pandhi’s Realism in Vue. We hope you will enjoy ...

Dave Southall:
Published: 2015-08-28

In this image, Dave Southall had in mind a fairly good idea of what he wanted to achieve so he built this up fairly quickly. He explains in details how to use the different layers from the Advanced...

Nicholas Astill:
Published: 2015-08-14

In the picture ‘The Arrival’, Nicholas Astill creates a scene that contains many different elements. The sky, mountains, space things, low terrain and the post processing effects are all integrate...