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Get inspired by the tutorials, making-of or interviews published byCornucopia3D, e-on software's online community for 3D artists. Each week, the Cornucopia3D Focus brings fresh artwork or stunning artists into the limelight. Don't miss this weekly rendez-vous!

Karen Minto:
Published: 2015-03-27

Sunlight beams through the water and a complex creature is revealed amidst the forest of seaweed. Karen Minto dexterously manipulates the atmosphere and caustic settings in VUE to capture the ve...

Published: 2015-03-20

Witness the stunning lighting setup Holger put together for his somber futuristic scene "Great Friends". Holger maintains a consistent sensibility to light and composition throughout his portfoli...

Barry Downard:
Published: 2015-03-06

“Bungee Jumper” is just one of a series of self-generated work that I’m currently doing. The series is “Portraits of Extreme Athletes”, and is a tongue-in-cheek collection that shows appropriately ...

Frédéric Bec:
Published: 2015-02-20

Since the release of Plant Factory, Frédéric Bec has been producing volumes of intricate and elegant creations. Frédéric's professional background in Landscape Architecture and passion for Botany h...

Jo Ann Elliott:
Published: 2015-02-13

Jo Ann Elliott was inspired by the 19th century American artist and writer Frederic Remington . He is widely known for his depictions of the Wild West with vast paintings of cowboys, Native America...

Jason Cordero:
Published: 2015-01-30

This week, we are very excited to meet Jason Cordero. Jason is a landscape painter who enjoys 3D modelling and CG image making. He has a great interest in architecture and wanted to reconstruct ...

Dragan Lazarevic:
Published: 2015-01-23

Each week, Cornucopia3D is turning the spotlight on a member of the Vue community. This week, we are happy to talk about a picture made by Dragan Lazarevic. Dragan is a great lover of nature and...

Allan Jabbar:
Published: 2015-01-16

Allan Jabbar loves playing with different atmospheres and type of clouds to create grandiose landscapes. This week, Allan is sharing with us how he created this spectaular fog on the ground.