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Oleg S.:
Published: 2014-10-24

I am pleased to share with you my experience in setting up the scene Sea Foam with VUE. You all watched what the patterns that sea foam creates on the beach, especially among the stones or rocks....

Timothy Blandin:
Published: 2014-10-17

Like most of my scenes, I started with an idea. A couple days earlier I had modeled a Chinese cargo ship in 3DS Max, and I wanted to put that ship to use in a landscape scene. So I knew I wanted to...

Published: 2014-10-10

In this little tutorial, I want to show how to create a quite impressive "eye-catching" scene the easy way...all you need is some fantasy and some of the basic tools of VUE (not specifically VUE 2...

Ralf Maeder:
Published: 2014-10-03

Ralf Maeder has a fascination for Science Fiction so his artwork in VUE is dominated by this theme. This scene in particular and its atmosphere and cloud settings is the result of numerous trials a...

Hoang Pham:
Published: 2014-09-19

For this month's interview, we're very excited to introduce you to Hoang Pham, whose love for traditional art grew into a successful career in 3DCG. Hoang is self taught in Vue and specializes in f...

Elke Bassler:
Published: 2014-09-12

This nice bunny was given to me as a present so I decided to play with him and create a scene for him. I figured that a floral fantasy landscape was a good place for this bunny and that he would fe...

Didier Vallez:
Published: 2014-08-29

Meet Didier Vallez! An awesome digital artist and avid Vue enthusiast/tutor. Join us as Didier tells us how he started in digital art and shares his future plans for Vue tutorials and short films.

Dave Southall:
Published: 2014-08-22

In this Making Of, Dave Southall is showing us how he transformed a winding track terrain into this beautiful picture.