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Get inspired by the tutorials, making-of or interviews published byCornucopia3D, e-on software's online community for 3D artists. Each week, the Cornucopia3D Focus brings fresh artwork or stunning artists into the limelight. Don't miss this weekly rendez-vous!

A.W.J.M. van der Borght:
Published: 2015-09-18

Each month, Cornucopia3D is turning the spotlight on a member of the Vue community. This picture is a result of experimenting, inspired by Dax Pandhi’s Realism in Vue. We hope you will enjoy ...

Dave Southall:
Published: 2015-08-28

In this image, Dave Southall had in mind a fairly good idea of what he wanted to achieve so he built this up fairly quickly. He explains in details how to use the different layers from the Advanced...

Nicholas Astill:
Published: 2015-08-14

In the picture ‘The Arrival’, Nicholas Astill creates a scene that contains many different elements. The sky, mountains, space things, low terrain and the post processing effects are all integrate...

Elke Bassler:
Published: 2015-07-31

"I love to work with lights and shine. Sometimes it is possible easily. Especially when the objects to be as nice as this one of Cornucopia3D". Read How Elke Bassler created this nice Still Life...

Jo Ann Elliott:
Published: 2015-07-16

Jo Ann Elliott guides you through the various setup, rendering and post-processing steps to create this amazing ArchViz image, using VUE, SketchUp and PaintShop Pro.

Vladislav Skornyakov:
Published: 2015-07-03

"On the lake" is inspired by a recent trip Vladislav did to Karelia (Northern Europe). Vladislav got struck by the land's beauty. He created this gorgeous image immediately as he returned, while he...

Alessandro Mastronardi:
Published: 2015-06-19

"Mom's Love" is an image Alessandro Mastronardi wanted to do for Mother's Day. Alessandro kindly shares how he has used a combination of VUE Infinite, DAZ Studio and PhotoShop to create this really...

Alessandro Mastronardi:
Published: 2015-06-05

Alessandro Mastronardi shares his secret behind this striking image. The setup is pretty simple, and Alessandro is also kindly sharing the Rhino model for you to experiment with. Read on!