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Get inspired by the tutorials, making-of or interviews published byCornucopia3D, e-on software's online community for 3D artists. Each week, the Cornucopia3D Focus brings fresh artwork or stunning artists into the limelight. Don't miss this weekly rendez-vous!

Acharya Hargreaves:
Published: 2016-07-29

Read about the making of this crowded futuristic city by Acharya Hargreaves.

Hannah Joy Patterson:
Published: 2016-07-20

Read about the making of this captivating scene by Hannah Joy Patterson, a charming world within a world.

Katherine Poche:
Published: 2016-07-01

Read about the making of this delightful moonlit scene by Katherine Poche.

Valmik Shah:
Published: 2016-06-24

Read about the making of this beautiful sunrise scene by Valmik Shah.

Xavier Magnan:
Published: 2016-06-20

Read about the making of this early morning idyl by Xavier Magnan (oldskool).

Dorothea Beer-Kramer:
Published: 2016-05-26

Read about the making of this charming Spring scene by Dorothea Beer-Kramer, bringing us a glimpse of the much anticipated Spring.

Patrick Derkenne:
Published: 2016-04-29

Read about the making of this surreal and humorous image that has left us in awe with it's intense depth of field and composition, Patrick Derkenne managed to bring us into his vibrant world.

Dagmar Fischer:
Published: 2016-04-01

A castle stands in the hills amongst an empty snowy landscape and a mesmerizing ocean of stars above. Sometimes creating something elegant is not a complicated process, read the explanation by Dagm...