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Get inspired by the tutorials, making-of or interviews published byCornucopia3D, e-on software's online community for 3D artists. Each week, the Cornucopia3D Focus brings fresh artwork or stunning artists into the limelight. Don't miss this weekly rendez-vous!

Peter Pohle:
Published: 2017-11-17

Steampunk is a genre that really appeals to me and I have created several steampunk 3D models over the past few years. Steampunk Pirates was created for Exposé 11. I used several steampunk model...

Published: 2017-11-11

This week, Szark is explaining us in details how he created this scene. After his submission to the e-on 2014 Environment Competition, he decided it was time to roll up his sleeves to learn more ab...

Published: 2017-11-03

In this little tutorial, I want to show how to create a quite impressive "eye-catching" scene the easy way...all you need is some fantasy and some of the basic tools of VUE (not specifically VUE 2...

Artur Rosa:
Published: 2017-10-27

This scene was in fact a “two-in-one”. With basically the same setup and by completely reworking the light, I made two images out of it, “The Visitor” and “Morning”. I submitted the first one to ...

Thomas Haag Axolotl:
Published: 2017-10-13

A short way to get great results with Vue and Mandelbulb 3d fractals!

Published: 2017-09-29

He created a terrain with very high and very low sides. This was important, so he could stretch the terrain in several ways. Then textured it, and populated it with lower-level vegetation, stones, ...

Allan Jabbar:
Published: 2017-09-22

Allan Jabbar loves playing with different atmospheres and type of clouds to create grandiose landscapes. This week, Allan is sharing with us how he created this spectaular fog on the ground.

Paul Hamilton:
Published: 2017-09-15

I recently fell in love with some magical forest photos taken by Nelleke Pieters in the Netherlands and began getting very inspired by them. This is my attempt at recreating one called Hour Of Wolv...