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Mark Rich

Vue Infinite, LightWave, Autocad, Google Earth

"The EcoSystem tool has been invaluable. It has saved me countless production hours."


Mark Rich is currently living in Jackson, Mississippi, with his wife and his newborn son. He attended Mississippi State University from 1996 to 2001 where he received a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. He has now started a small business and is working on the project of a medical office park in Tupelo, Mississipi.

History with Vue

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Downtown Square Revitilzation
Madison, MS Client - Madison the City

"About five years ago I was working in Nashville, Tennessee at a planning firm designing college campuses and downtowns when I was first introduced to 3D. I had seen a couple of 3D animations for architectural work and it really sparked an interest. I started doing some research into the different 3D packages and made the decision to go with Lightwave 3D."

"At the time I was upgrading my Lightwave to version 8.0, my colleagues were running a special with Vue 5 Infinite. I remember that it was a really good deal so I went ahead and purchased Vue even though I knew very little about it."

Terrain Raise

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"This project was done for Dean & Dean Architects and Baptist Health Systems in Jackson, Mississippi. It took me about 5 months from start to finish."

"I used AutoCAD elevations to model the buildings and a Google Earth image to model the site. The buildings are on a piece of land with multiple elevation changes."
"The real challenge was to model the site correctly so that they could fit together properly. Another challenge was keeping the polygon count manageable."

"I used Lightwave 3D for most of the modelling and then imported the models into Vue 6."

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"When I first got into 3D, most of the architectural renderings that were being produced were missing something that I thought was essential to the composition of the work. The landscaping was almost always sparse and unrealistic (most of the artists were using image maps for the vegetation and a lot still are). Because I was trained in Landscape Architecture it was important for me to find an alternative to that technique. Vue was that alternative."

"The EcoSystem tool has been invaluable. It has saved me countless production hours."

"I had never taken a job this big before and I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It was overwhelming at times, but in the end, the client was happy and I learned a lot. I do want to give credit to Juan Flores for helping me with some of the modeling work."

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"At the moment I am using a Boxx 7400 series and a Boxx 8300 series. I also have five Boxx rendernodes that make the animations possible."


"I was born in America where I have been blessed with countless opportunities to do something with my life. I believe I have been given much, and I try to give back what is required of me. Luke 12:48 says “From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.” I believe I have been given much, and I try to give back what is required of me. That is my inspiration, not to do good architectural renderings, but to use the gifts that God has entrusted me with to glorify Him."

Mark Rich's Homepage
Dean and Dean Associates Architects
The video of the project

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Bridgepoint Cancer Center
JBHM Architects

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Pass Christian K-8
JBHM Architects

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Biloxi Community Center
Dale & Associates Architects

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