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Vue xStream, 3ds Max, Photoshop, Poser

"I like the realism and how Vue manages the vast amount of greenery/landscape information."

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Visualizedconcepts was founded in 2003.

It combines computer expertise with architectural education and experience to deliver advanced, professional digital visualization and presentation services, including: rendering, animation, interactive models, modeling [2D/3D], web design, and presentation.

History with Vue

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"We started back in the early 90s with 3D Studio for DOS, stayed with Max since then and only ventured here and there into other worlds, like Maya."

"We have known about Vue for several years and always looked for an opportunity to implement it in our pipeline. We started using Vue in December 2006 for this project."



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This animation was directed and edited by Anglepark, Inc. for a new permanent exhibit about the Ancient Americas at The Field Museum in Chicago. It illustrates the State concept - its base and foundation as well as the human impact. A large city in an mountain environment - including interior spaces and people animation. This project took 3 months to complete.

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The main goal was to show how all cultures are more or less based on the same principals forming the ‘Triad’ – power thru Religion (Ideology) / Economy / Military. The animation was projected at 720p inside a 12' high physical model of a Triad.

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We were approached by the film maker and artist directors Martin Baumgartner and Liz Sung to visualize a stylized and made-up typical city of the time, not specific to any culture, but comprised of what they all had in common. They produced a 2D storyboard and collected reference materials.

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We took those and started to build assets (buildings / people) and several scenes (the city, fields, 2 interiors, storage room etc.). We then created rough animation paths that we reviewed and refined in several iterations, always in conjunction with the script and script changes for the voice over [timing] as well as reviews with the Museum for content.


Current Projects

We are currently working on various architectual visualization project, including an interesting project on Mauritius. Might be ideal for a large scale Vue application.

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3D Chicago Model

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