In 2007, Hamburg based agency KNSK created an advertising campaign for the all-terrain vehicle Jeep. Displaying a Jeep cruising on small sized planets with different themes in weather and vegetation, the advertisment shows how easy it is to drive with it all around the world... And Vue was here to recreate that world.

Pre Production

Rough sketches were given as a base to develop an idea and resulted in 3 basic vegetation themes which were desert, ice and stone.

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Final picture for planet ice

After finishing the preproduction stage in house, the CGI Team of abc Colorstudio started tackling the technical realization. Their tools choice has been Lightwave and Maya for quite some time, but this project needed another approach.

"We knew that a photoreal creation of vegetation with Lightwave or Maya would have taken too long to meet the budget and tight deadlines. So the obvious conclusion was to choose Vue."

Marco Bauriedel - 3D Artist


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Final picture for planet rock

The basic shape of the planets was modeled in Maya and then imported into Vue. With the help of alphamasks, EcoSystems were defined to match the basic sketches of the planets. By blending and mixing up large amounts of textures it became possible to reach all variations needed to provide a natural feel and look of the planets surfaces. The tree editor In Vue with all its possibilities helped tremendously to create the specialized plants and trees for certain environments.

In order to save some production time, different versions of geometry and EcoSystems were rendered out, and later on, layered on top of each others in Photoshop. This technique made it possible to evenly spread vegetation around the globes. It also offered a good maintenance of creative flexibility until the end of the workflow.

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From preview to final composition

In the Postproduction stage, the planets were blended together and filled with other photomaterial that would have been far too time-consuming to be created in 3D. Unnatural looking 3D-edges were corrected to push the images into a final photoreal look.

About abc Colorstudio

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As a unit of the renowned, innovative Hamburg-based media service provider Albert Bauer KG, abc Colorstudio is one of Germany’s leading studios, with years of experience in high quality creative image processing and developing. The studio offers a unique combination of services (photography, post-production and CGI). The service packages it provides for creative artists, art buyers, production specialists, product managers and photographers are complete in every detail and tailor-made to suit individual requirements.
abc Colorstudio was one of the first to extend the use of CGI to the printing industry, which offers its clients an alternative to real-life photography. Their specialist staff performs virtual miracles on the computer to produce images that can barely be distinguished from the real thing, faithfully portraying exactly what the creative artist or client would like to see.

Why Is abc Colorstudio Choosing Vue:

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"Vue's EcoSystem is very powerful and flexible. Combined with the other editors for atmosphere, plants and terrain, it is possible to create completely different sceneries in a short amount of time. It's really fun to work with Vue !"

Marco Bauriedel - 3D Artist

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