Advanced Support Options

As a registered client of e-on software professional products, you benefit from the following standard support services:

Complimentary 30 Day Maintenance

All purchases of our Professional Products include 30 days of complimentary maintenance.

With the complimentary 30 Day maintenance plan, you receive:

  • Unlimited, priority web-based technical support,
  • Access to EEF releases (Expedited Engineering Fix),
  • Free upgrades during the maintenance period (access to pre-release versions not included).

The 30 day maintenance plan is automatically added to your account after the first activation of your product.

  If you decide to extend this 30 Day maintenance by subscribing to a One Year Maintenance Plan, the yearly maintenance period will extend the 30 days, providing a total of 13 months coverage.


On top of these services, you also have access to the following advanced support options (only available for registered users of Network Rendering Licenses, CloudFactory Ozone 2015, Carbon Scatter 2015, LumenRT Studio 2015, Publisher for LumenRT 2015, Vue xStream 2015, Vue Infinite 2015, LumenRT GeoDesign 2015, PlantFactory Producer 2015, PlantFactory Studio 2015, PlantFactory Designer 2015 or E-on License Server 2015):

  • Per-Incident Priority Support
  • One Year Maintenance Plan

Per-Incident Priority Support

Flexible, pay-per-incident priority telephone support from e-on software. You only pay for the support you need. Each support incident includes:

  • One telephone incident, with guaranteed call-back time under 4 business hours,
  • Direct one-to-one communication with qualified e-on software support technicians,
  • Efficient resolution of system-specific issues through remote diagnosis (if you agree),
  • Follow-up support until the incident is resolved.

If it is determined by the support technician that the issue is caused by a bug, and the support technician is unable to provide a reasonable workaround, we will credit a new - replacement - per-incident support ticket to your account free of charge.

Cost: $65 per priority support incident.

>>Click here for more details on priority support incidents<<

What constitutes an incident?

An "Incident" defines the assistance provided by e-on software to the customer, starting from the initiation of the incident by the customer to the closure of the incident by the support technician.

An incident is a single issue that focuses on one aspect of the product - e.g. assistance with a specific problem or error message.

While the issue may involve other aspects of the product, addressing other aspects constitutes a separate issue and is treated as another incident. An incident may involve multiple phone calls or emails. Each incident is assigned to an individual support technician who will follow through with the customer until the issue is closed.

E-on support technicians are responsible for determining what characterizes a single support incident and for communicating this information to the customer. Although our support technicians always make best efforts to resolve issues, we cannot guarantee that all issues will be resolved to your satisfaction.

When is an incident resolved?

Once an issue is accepted as being in the perimeter of per-incident technical support, resolution of the incident occurs as soon as one of the following happens:

  • A reasonable solution to the issue is provided by the support technician.
  • A reasonable work-around to the issue is provided by the support technician.
  • The customer refuses to let the support technician remotely access his computer or the purpose of diagnosis, and the support technician is reasonably unable to provide a solution using other methods of investigation.
  • It is determined that the issue is in fact a request for a non-existing feature, or an enhancement to an existing feature, and the request has been forwarded to product management.
  • It is determined that the issue is caused by a bug in the software, and the bug has been forwarded to the product development team for review*.

* If it is determined by the support technician that the issue is caused by a bug, and the support technician is unable to provide a reasonable workaround, we will credit a new, replacement per-incident support ticket to your account free of charge.

What is the perimeter of per-incident technical support?

Our support technicians answer questions about the general usage of our professional products, including:
  • Assisting you with the documented features of our products and how these features can be used.
  • Helping you identify and troubleshoot any unexpected behavior encountered while using these features.
  • Explaining how the features work, but not implementing these features directly in your projects.

One Year Maintenance Plan

This is an annual maintenance contract that includes a number of benefits:

  • Free upgrades to all new versions released during the subscription period,
  • Accelerated web-based technical support (avg. response time: 1-3 business days*),
  • Access to EEF releases (Expedited Engineering Fix),
  • Access to “Maintenance Only” forums.
  • * If response time is critical to your project, please use Priority Support instead

When can you get under maintenance?

We recommend that you purchase maintenance together with your product. You may also you add maintenance within 30 days of purchasing. This will offer you 13 months of Maintenance coverage, and you will not lose any maintenance time. Please note that you won't be able to place your product under maintenance if you miss this 30 day window.

Read the Maintenance Plan Agreement here.

Network Rendering Maintenance

Placing your RenderNodes or RenderCows under maintenance is a great way to save over 50% on your cost of upgrade.

A one year maintenance plan for RenderNodes* retails for $29.80/year/license, whereas the standard Rendernode upgrade (e.g. from Vue 10 RenderNodes to Vue 11 RenderNodes) retails for $59/license!

A one year maintenance plan for RenderCows retails for $39.80/year/pack of 5 cows, whereas the standard RenderCow upgrade (e.g. from Vue 10 RenderCows to Vue 11 RenderCows) will retails for $99/pack of 5 cows!


  • Free upgrades during the subscription period, including free upgrades to all .5 and full versions.

* a 1 year maintenance plan is already included with all Linux RenderNode purchases.

Yearly Maintenance Renewal Fees


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