Currently Supported Product Versions



VUE 2016 / VUE 2015 / VUE 2014 / VUE 11

PlantFactory 2016 / PlantFactory 2015 / PlantFactory 2014


Carbon Scatter

LumenRT 2015 / LumenRT 4 / LumenRT 3 / LumenRT 2

Carbon Scatter 2017 / Carbon Scatter 2015 / Carbon Scatter 2 / Carbon Scatter

CloudFactory - Ozone

CloudFactory 2017 / CloudFactory 2015 / Ozone 6 / Ozone 5

Please note that we offer tech-support services for the above listed product versions, however, software updates can only be produced on the most recent release (currently: VUE 2016, PlantFactory 2016, LumenRT 2015, Carbon Scatter 2017 and CloudFactory 2017).

Support for older products

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