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Odd Smoothing Problem (importing from 3DS Max)

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Odd Smoothing Problem (importing from 3DS Max)

Greetings all!

I've run into an odd problem with object smoothing. I created a nice MiG-21 model in 3DS Max 9:

There are no smoothing errors in the model. Nothing wrong with it at all. It looks great in Max. When imported into Vue Studio 2016, this is what I get:

(imported as .3ds object)

(imported as .obj object)

I can adjust the subdivision in the object properties (as well as smoothing angle, etc.) with little to no effect (although, moving the subdivision slider up to 4 did seem helpful, but not much).

Am I just banging my head into a wall where there's no solution to this? I had previously imported another aircraft model from Max and used it in Vue without issue:


This does not make any sense! I bought Vue Studio so I could import the aircraft models I've made and create backgrounds with terrain and clouds for print artwork. I'm certainly not doing to be able to accomplish that if the renders look like this! Can anyone make a suggestion. please? I'm hoping this is a setting or something I've overlooked.

Thanks in advance!

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