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Following is the complete PlantFactory documentation structure. Click on the Expand Sign.png to unfold the desired section
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png1 Getting Started
Blank Sign.png1.1 What's New
Blank Sign.png1.2 Installation
Blank Sign.png1.3 System Requirements
Blank Sign.png1.4 Technical Support
Blank Sign.png1.5 Updating
Blank Sign.png1.6 Welcome Dialog
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2 Interface Overview
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2.1 Main Window
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2.1.1 Preview Window
Blank Sign.png2.1.1.1 Sun Gizmo
Blank Sign.png2.1.1.2 LOD Gizmo
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2.1.2 Getting Started Toolbar
Blank Sign.png2.1.2.1 Navigation Controls
Blank Sign.png2.1.3 Component
Blank Sign.png2.1.4 Graph Window
Blank Sign.png2.1.5 Information
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2.1.6 Global Plant Parameters
Blank Sign.png2.1.6.1 General Parameters
Blank Sign.png2.1.6.2 Global Biases
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2.1.6.3 Wind Settings
Blank Sign.png2. Avanced Breeze Response
Blank Sign.png2.1.6.4 Meshing Options
Blank Sign.png2.1.6.5 Presets
Blank Sign.png2.1.7 Node Parameters
Blank Sign.png2.1.8 Material Summary
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2.2 Menus
Blank Sign.png2.2.1 Interface Colors
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2.2.2 Options
Blank Sign.png2.2.2.1 Gamma Options
Blank Sign.png2.2.2.2 Preview Options
Blank Sign.png2.2.2.3 Render Stack Options
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2.2.3 Contextual Menus
Blank Sign.png2.2.3.1 Axis Section Profile
Blank Sign.png2.2.3.2 Color Map
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2.2.3.3 Draw Menu
Blank Sign.png2. ZBrush Interaction
Blank Sign.png2.2.3.4 Node Customization
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2.3 Toolbars
Blank Sign.png2.3.1 File Export
Blank Sign.png2.3.2 Clipboard
Blank Sign.png2.3.3 Sub-graph tools
Blank Sign.png2.3.4 Group Ungroup Nodes
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png2.3.5 Plant Settings
Blank Sign.png2.3.5.1 Flagged Variations
Blank Sign.png2.3.6 Geometry Nodes
Blank Sign.png2.3.7 Advanced Geometry Nodes
Blank Sign.png2.3.8 Control Nodes
Blank Sign.png2.3.10 Tools
Blank Sign.png2.3.11 Display Options
Blank Sign.png2.3.12 Advanced Display Options
Blank Sign.png2.3.13 Render
Blank Sign.png2.4 Docking
Blank Sign.png2.5 Visual Browsers
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png3 Creating Plants: Painting and Components
Blank Sign.png3.1 Free Paint
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png3.2 Touch Up
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png3.2.1 Selection
Blank Sign.png3.2.1.1 Primitive Instance Selection
Blank Sign.png3.2.1.2 Node Selection
Blank Sign.png3.2.1.3 Whole Plant Selection
Blank Sign.png3.2.2 Bias Gizmo
Blank Sign.png3.3 Individual Edition
Blank Sign.png3.4 Segment Pruning
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png4 Creating Plants: Using the Graph
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png4.1 Node List
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png4.1.1 Vegetation Nodes
Blank Sign.png4.1.1.1 Geometry Nodes
Blank Sign.png4.1.1.2 Loop Nodes
Blank Sign.png4.1.1.3 Spline Nodes
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png4.1.1.4 Miscellaneous Nodes
Blank Sign.png4. Current Age
Blank Sign.png4. Current Primitive
Blank Sign.png4. Parent Parameters
Blank Sign.png4.3 Node Observer
Blank Sign.png4.4 Imported Elements
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5 Modifying Plants: Using Parameters
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1 Geometry Plant Parameters
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.1 Segment
Blank Sign.png5.1.1.1 Segment Tab
Blank Sign.png5.1.1.2 Segment Influences Tab
Blank Sign.png5.1.1.3 Segment Materials Tab
Blank Sign.png5.1.1.4 Segment Transform Tab
Blank Sign.png5.1.1.5 Segment Add Children Tab
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.2 AutoGrowth
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.2.1 Branch Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Ambient Motion Group
Blank Sign.png5. Material Group
Blank Sign.png5. Meshing Group
Blank Sign.png5. Wind And Gust Motion
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.2.2 Cuts Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Bottom Cut
Blank Sign.png5. Profile Cut
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.2.3 Growth Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Bud Placement
Blank Sign.png5. Geometry
Blank Sign.png5. Shadowing
Blank Sign.png5. Tropisms
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.2.4 Leaves Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Children Distribution
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.2.5 Transform Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Mesh Resolution Group
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.3 Leaf
Blank Sign.png5.1.3.1 Leaf Tab
Blank Sign.png5.1.3.2 Leaf Transform Tab
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.4 Warpboard
Blank Sign.png5.1.4.1 Warpboard Tab
Blank Sign.png5.1.4.2 Warpboard Transform Tab
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.5 Object
Blank Sign.png5.1.5.1 Object Tab
Blank Sign.png5.1.5.2 Object Transform Tab
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.6 Urchin
Blank Sign.png5.1.6.1 Urchin Tab
Blank Sign.png5.1.6.2 Urchin Transform Tab
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.7 Hydra
Blank Sign.png5.1.7.1 Hydra Tab
Blank Sign.png5.1.7.2 Hydra Transform Tab
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.1.8 Ball
Blank Sign.png5.1.8.1 Ball Tab
Blank Sign.png5.1.8.2 Ball Transform Tab
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.2 Parameter Extensions
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.2.1 Filter parameter
Blank Sign.png5.2.1.1 Filter Editor
Blank Sign.png5.2.1.2 Multicurve Editor
Blank Sign.png5.2.2 Random range parameter
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.2.3 Material parameter
Blank Sign.png5.2.3.1 Material Distribution Parameter
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.2.3.2 Material Editor
Blank Sign.png5. Basic Material Editor
Blank Sign.png5. Advanced Material Editor
Blank Sign.png5. Common Material Controls
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5. Simple Materials
Blank Sign.png5. Color & Alpha Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Bumps Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Highlights Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Transparency Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Reflections Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Translucency Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Effects Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Environment Tab
Blank Sign.png5. Mixed Materials
Blank Sign.png5. Layered Materials
Blank Sign.png5. Animated Textures Options
Blank Sign.png5. Grouped Material
Blank Sign.png5. Two-Sided Material
Blank Sign.png5.2.4 Advanced Breeze Response Parameter
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png5.2.5 Spline parameter
Blank Sign.png5.2.5.1 Axis Spline Editor
Blank Sign.png5.2.5.2 Profile-Section Spline Editor
Blank Sign.png5.2.5.3 Section Spline Sets Editor
Blank Sign.png5.3 Parameter Extraction
Blank Sign.png5.4 Parameter Publication
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png6 Import and Export
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png6.1 Import
Blank Sign.png6.1.1 Import Options
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png6.2 Export
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png6.2.2 Export To VUE
Blank Sign.png6.2.2.1 Export Presets
Blank Sign.png6.2.3 Share on Exchange Area
Blank Sign.png6.2.4 Send To A Friend
Blank Sign.png6.2.5 Export To CS
Blank Sign.png6.2.6 Export To LRT
Blank Sign.png6.2.7 Export For C3D
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png7 Rendering
Blank Sign.png7.3 Post Render Options
Blank Sign.png7.4 Render Display
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png8 Appendices
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png8.1 Glossary
Blank Sign.png8.1.1 File Formats
Blank Sign.png8.1.2 Component
Blank Sign.png8.1.3 3D Coordinates
Blank Sign.png8.1.4 Global Coordinates
Blank Sign.png8.1.5 Local Coordinates
Blank Sign.png8.1.6 Parametrization
Blank Sign.png8.1.7 Primitive Instance
Blank Sign.png8.1.8 Graph
Blank Sign.png8.1.9 Node
Blank Sign.png8.1.10 Link
Blank Sign.png8.1.11 Type of Data
Blank Sign.png8.2 Questions and Answers
Blank Sign.png8.3 Tutorials
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png8.4 PlantFactory Exporter
Blank Sign.png8.4.1 Using the Product
Blank Sign.png8.5 PlantFactory 2014 Compatibility Issues
Blank Sign.png8.6 What Changed in the EULA
Blank Sign.png8.7 License
Collapse Sign.pngExpand Sign.png8.8 Third Party Licenses
Blank Sign.png8.8.1 Alembic File Format
Blank Sign.png8.8.2 Apache License 2.0
Blank Sign.png8.8.3 Boost
Blank Sign.png8.8.4 CURL License
Blank Sign.png8.8.5 FBX SDK
Blank Sign.png8.8.6 Google-Breakpad
Blank Sign.png8.8.7 MIT License
Blank Sign.png8.8.8 Ptex Licensing
Blank Sign.png8.8.9 zlib License
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