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Here is an explanation in plain vanilla English of the changes that were made to the PlantFactory EULA since release 2014:

  • You are now free to give or sell the static meshes that you create with PlantFactory anywhere you like, at the price you like, provided that you advertise the fact that your meshes were created with PlantFactory , and that you sell the source file on Cornucopia3D. Check the frequent questions here.
  • You can now easily send a TPF file to a friend privately through Cornucopia3D, using the menu command File | Export | Send To A Friend in the application. You are only allowed to share non-commercial work this way.
  • You can share your content freely with others using the Exchange Area at Cornucopia3D. You don't need a vendor account to do so.
  • PlantFactory now allows you to sell the plants you create with PlantFactory to a client, even if your client doesn't have PlantFactory (that includes rigged and animated meshes). But you're only allowed to sell (or give) your content to one person/entity, and once you have done that, you cannot use, give or sell that content anymore. Your client can use the content internally, but is not allowed to distribute it either, except as part of a pre-packaged application - see below.
  • You, or your clients, are allowed to distribute content created with the PlantFactory provided that the content is part of a pre-packaged application (typically a game) and that the content is in a proprietary format that no-one else can read and cannot be easily extracted.
  • You can give the new FBX import scripts to your clients together with your content, to help them import and setup the FBX inside their applications.

Questions? Take a look at frequent questions here.

In case of doubt, the PlantFactory EULA is binding; please see here for the exact terms of the EULA.

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