Creating Plants: Painting and Components

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In PlantFactory, you can create plants by two methods of painting.

  • You can free paint, which starts by painting a trunk, or stems, and adding the additional parts of the plant by painting them in.
  • You can select parts of plants and paint using these defined parts of plants to create a new plant. This is called Component Painting.

Painting is part of the Manual Mode of plant creation. In Manual Mode you paint, and you can also prune and touch-up segments and other primitive instances with your mouse. You can select an individual primitive instance and adjust some of its parameters as well.

Manual Mode is very handy to tweak almost finished plants. But unfortunately many plant species, especially trees, are composed of too many branches for the user to paint each one of them individually from scratch. For modeling of such complex plants a procedural approach is needed. Please remember that Manual Edition should come last in the plant creation process! Altering global node parameters (Procedural Edition) after having tweaked these parameters in case of particular primitives (manual edition) can yield surprisingly unexpected results!
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