Creating Plants: Using the Graph

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In the Graph Window, the plant is described through a graph of nodes. Procedural modeling is what helps us with the huge complexity of many plants. Instead of manually defining the position and shape of each branch, you can just define a set of rules using nodes to be used by PlantFactory to create the plant geometry.

The advantage of procedural modeling is that it keeps just a small formula which is then used to generate very complex shapes. And with some variability defined, it creates almost an infinite number of variations from just one such set of rules. Nodes can be renamed to reflect plant parts to make them more meaningful.


When PlantFactory starts, there are usually nodes for Root, Age, Season and Health displayed. One segment, representing a tree trunk, is also displayed. These are the program defaults.

Nodes can be renamed to be more meaningful.

Producer, Studio only

Graph Edition

Plants can be constructed by working directly in the graph viewport by adding nodes, connecting them and setting parameters in the Parameter viewport.

There are several ways to add nodes into a graph:

Nodes can also be added automatically by using the Add children tab in the Parameter viewport of Segment node.

Multi parameters can be used to edit parameters of several nodes at the same time. Select several nodes. Parameters of the first selected node displays. Edit one parameter:value of this parameter will be applied on all selected nodes (if selected node has the same parameter.

Functions can be selected to further modify the characteristics of the various nodes.

In the Graph viewport, you can pan the window (right-click and move the mouse), to see parts of a large graph that can't be displayed all at once, and zoom (ctrl + right-click and move the mouse) to make parts of the graph larger or smaller.

Designer, Artist only

Graph Edition

Nodes on the graph are created by loading a plant or creating a plant by painting. If you delete or change any of the plant parts by deleting parts in the Preview window or changing the parameters, the corresponding nodes will be deleted.

Click on the various nodes to display the parameters for that node for editing.

Nodes cannot be directly added or manipulated in the graph.

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