Interface Overview

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PlantFactory interface is made of mostly moveable, individual elements that can be for most of them arranged in a way that suits the user.

  • Menu bar is located on the top of the window (Windows version). The basic commands are available here and cannot be moved. These are the commands New, Open, Save/Save As, Export Plant, Undo and Redo.
  • Toolbars are made of buttons that allow quicker access to menu commands. They are always horizontal with the exception of node toolbars (Geometry Nodes, Control Nodes...). They may be shown, hidden or arranged at will in the main window.
  • Dockable dialogs. Like the toolbars they can be managed by the user. You can find a description of the basic components of the Main Window.

Use PlantFactory Display menu to show or hide toolbars and dialogs.

PlantFactory Main Window
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