Modifying Plants: Using Parameters

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Parameters Window

Plants can be modifed by editing parameters of the graph nodes in the Node Parameters window. Parameters are arranged in tabs and groups. The tabs for each node may vary depending on the node selected, but most geometry nodes have some of the following basic tabs:

Geometry type: The name on this tab mirrors the geometry selected on the graph. This tab further defines the plant's physical characteristics. Length, axis, radius are just a few of the plant's characteristics that can be modified on this tab. First setting on the geometry is a switch Switch to simple segment/Switch to Advanced segment Segment. This mode is very useful to create lots of small branches with less memory impact'
Materials: You can select the materials for the different nodes of the plant - the leaves, trunk, branches.
Transform: Here, global scale can be modified as well as offset, rotation angles, orientation tropism and mesh resolution. The fields available depend on the geometry selected.

The tabs for each geometry as well as the individual parameters will be presented in detail in the following section.

Producer, Studio only

Multi Edition

The edition of multiple nodes at the same time allows the user to easily and quickly edit parameters from compatible nodes. Select the nodes to be modified and adjust any parameter. The parameters that are common between the selected nodes will be modified. Any type of parameter can be edited for multiple nodes at the same time (value, checkbox, filter, section...).

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