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Rendering gives you a 2D representation of your 3D object. The options available in PlantFactory allow you to select the quality of the render and make changes to it post-render. And your renders can be saved.

You can select the options for your render in the Render Options dialog. Since Producer has more options for rendering, it has a different Render Option dialog than the other products. Designer, Studio and Artist versions have their own Render Options dialog.

Studio, Designer and Artist Render Options

Producer Render Options

Plant Factory Producer only

In Producer, you can render animation as well using the Render Animation dialog.

Producer also gives you the option of changing the background atmosphere and lighting. The Atmosphere Editor is available to give you all of the controls you should need to create atmospheres using spectral lighting, global radiosity lighting, clouds, and low light situations to list just a few options.

After rendering, you can tweak your rendering in the Post Render Options dialog.
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